Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bollywood Enthusiasts

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Ishq Mohabhat Pyar! Yes, it is that time of year again readers; the time where red roses are expensive and chocolates are still fattening: Valentine’s Day! Once again you are back to square one scratching your head over possible presents to give your precious significant other. To help speed up the process, BollySpice has put together a list of possible gifts for your Bollywood obsessed loved ones! From economical choices to perhaps a few more pricey ones, we give you the low-down on the best presents to give. Read on to find out how to impress your love and create sparks this Valentine’s Day!

Bollywood Swimwear Calendar

So, it’s a bit early for beachwear, but what could be better than a swimwear calendar of your favorite Bollywood celebrities in their minimal and sexy “clothes.” Not only can you ogle over some of Bollywood’s sexiest bods and those who have dared to bare, but at the same time, seek some inspiration to finally hit the gym. This is one present that is bound to be greatly appreciated by your B-wood fanatical friends!

DDLJ Extreme

Pretty much on everyone’s list of favorite Bollywood movies is the classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. A perfect gift would be not one DDLJ gift but five. A copy of the DVD, the CD, a Shah Rukh and a Kajol doll so they can act out the scenes and then the star on top of the tree would be a copy of the Making of DDLJ book! Heaven!

If DDLJ does not somehow make their list, then another idea would be to gift them with a collection of their star’s favorite films. If they own most of them, then go searching for that rare Big B film, if he is their fav or try and find one of the early films that perhaps their Bollybudget has not let them get yet!

Dressing like a star!

Bollywood is all about high-fashion and its fans are known for admiring the designer clothing that their favorite stars adorn on screen. If you are looking for the perfect present, a copy of your pyaar’s favorite star’s most popular traditional outfit is one that is bound to be loved and adored! While they can cost a few extra dollars, you can almost guarantee that is will be the best received present this holiday season.

Bollywood Bling-Bling

Women (and men) love jewelry and as much as they deny that they have enough, we all know that it is clearly never enough. So if you are thinking about buying some jewelry as a present this year and want to keep it Bollywood, here are some possible options. For the gentlemen, Salman Khan’s thick silver bracelet is fashionable, trendy and supposedly brings him lots of good luck. As for the ladies, there are heaps of options. Kajol is known for wearing her OM diamond ring while Ash wears one with a white moonstone. Alternatively, bangles of all colors are popular amongst the female celebrities too! Okay, so buying the originals may be a tad bit expensive, but you get the idea – similar gifts would work just fine!

A Song DVD

Many companies release collections of song videos from their movies and those are great but here is another idea! Make a DVD of their favorite star’s dances and songs or you can even mix them up and put a bunch of different stars on one DVD. Imagine a DVD filled with Aishwarya or Hrithik or Mads or Vivek or Shahid’s greatest dance sequences. Or the wonderful love songs of Shah Rukh, Akshay, Katrina and Kajol. The possibilities are endless. A personal gift that says you really care plus think how much fun it will be to make! A nice cover would add that extra pop to make the present even more special!

Bollywood Steps!

Now that they have gotten their dancing feet a going with their Dance DVD, you could treat your favorite Bollywood fan with a set of Bollywood dance lessons. Many schools are offering classes in the Bollywood groove and if they already have dance in their hearts they might also love to study Indian classical dance. Once they’ve got the steps and dance moves down, make them promise you a performance night. Hey, the Bwood stars love performing on stage! A unique gift that will keep on giving because they get to enjoy it for months!

Favorite Tunes

Keeping with the theme of making a gift. This may actually be one present idea that has been done to death but is one gift that your friend can’t help but love. After all, the thought behind each song is evident when they listen to a compilation of their favorite songs, new and old, fast and slow, original and remixed. Or go classic and just include love songs! If you are one of those creative kinds, you can also go all out and design a CD cover and case! This Valentine’s present is a sure hit and easy on the pocket too!

Dinner at an Indian Restaurant

Another fab idea would to give them a gift that will be the start of perfect Bollywood night. Why don’t you get the other half of your jodi a gift certificate to an Indian restaurant? Think of all the most romantic evenings shared by our celebrities on the big screen. Dinner, a walk home, followed by thunder, lightning, a monsoon rain and a dance on the streets. While that may not actually happen, cause unfortunately life isn’t a Bollywood movie, after a totally yummy dinner and some gajar ka halwa they can go home and enjoy one of their fav movies. An ideal romantic night!

Bollywood Getaway

Looking for a way to get outta town for the Valentine weekend and at the same time impress your girl too? We have perhaps one of the best ideas you could possibly think of. Bollywood is known for its exotic locales near and far from India. Looking for a warm excursion? Your best options are to hit the coastlines of Africa. Alternatively, you and your love could sit on the beaches of Maldives and Goa soaking in the sun. If you’re looking for a cooler location, how do the snowy mountains of Switzerland sound? While we don’t suggest you dress in saris and romance Bollywood style, (only Bollywood stars can take on that challenge!) you could sit at the cafes sipping on some hot coffee which is as Bollywood as it gets!

Go Life-Size

Many a fan line their walls or computer with pictures of their favorite Bollywood stars but we can go one step further! A perfect gift would be a life size poster of their Bollylove! Who wouldn’t want a Ranbir, an Imran, a Deepika or Sonam life size poster in their room? We know we would! Perhaps even one of those freestanding cutouts you see at the movie theaters, many times those just get thrown away once the movie is done! A billboard would probably be a bit much but…

With only a week to go till “V Day”, we are sure you have your presents and ideas sorted out but just in case, we hope these ideas will give you some help to really put a smile on your Bollyfan! May we say that if any of our doston, parivaar aur pyaar happens to be reading this we will gladly take one or even all of these as gifts! We here at BollySpice wish all our readers a pyaar filled Happy Valentine’s Day and may it be loaded with BollyLove!

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