Vampires Invade Bollywood

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Fans of Hindi films won’t find it surprising that yet another obsessive filmi hero with tendencies bordering on stalking (not unlike Vivek in Saathiya, or Siddharth in Bommarillu) has acquired quite the following in India. This hero, however, isn’t desi. He doesn’t speak Hindi–at least, not that we know of. In fact, he’s technically not even human. You guessed it; Edward Cullen, the famed Adonis-like vampire of Twilight, is making an intercontinental splash—and India isn’t left out of the craze.

When asked why she loved Twilight, Bollywood blogger Miss Malini replied, “So I know the Twilight series is supposed to be for teenage girls but come on, how hot is Edward and how am I not supposed to notice?! I like the whole modern take on vampires and romance, the fact that they pull away from any sort of stereotypical representation and the pace of the narrative.” Another fan, Aditi K., responded to the films’ release, saying, “I’m ecstatic that Twilight finally released in India and New Moon releases on December 11! Can’t wait. However as crazy as this may sound, watching Twilight on the big screen was definitely a different experience, it was magical and spell-binding! I hope New Moon is even better!” Adding, “I’ve been captivated by Edward Cullen ever since I read Twilight. And the fact that Robert Pattinson plays him…it couldn’t get any better. I’ve been a fan of his since Harry Potter and unlike majority of girls who started liking him because he plays Edward, I loved the on-screen Edward because of Rob! Edward Cullen is the perfect man…umm vampire…and beyond that I can’t say anything else because he leaves me speechless . I can go on and on about the Twilight …I am a certified ‘Fanpire’.”

That’s right, even though India might have had to wait a year after its release to see Twilight on the big screen, the vegetarian vampire clan and its human interloper, Bella, have taken over the hearts of desi moviegoers. In fact, some of our favorite Bollywood vamps have joined in the sparkle-mania. Minissha Lamba declared herself a fan of the books–and of Edward. Preity Zinta saw New Moon during her recent visit to the U.S., and announced afterward: “Saw New Moon! It was Awesome! This is the closest I will ever come to liking any blood sucking Vampires!” Ayesha Takia said after watching Twilight, “I saw Twilight on big screen and I had a blast. Can’t wait for New Moon. I am team Edward for sure! Rob P is amazing. Bella and Jacob are fab but love Edward. Looking forward to seeing New Moon on 11th December!”

Ayesha might change her tune come 11 December, since women have been switching by the dozens to Team Jacob after getting an eyeful of Taylor Lautner’s well-built werewolf. Regardless, Robert Pattinson has high hopes for the film. In a recent e-mail interview with Indian Express, the former Cedric Diggory wrote, “I expect that ‘New Moon’ breaks all the records in India too. I hope people like the film and it becomes a craze there.” It certainly looks like it’s well on its way, Rob!

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