Veena Malik vows to make amends with family

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Following her controversial legal battle with FHM India, Veena Malik received another blow when she heard through the media, that her father has publicly disowned her.

The scandal which was blown out of proportion by the media has deeply affected the model and actress, who vows to return to Pakistan to make amends with her father, Malik Mohammad Aslam, and the rest of the family once this is all over.

“Veena is very upset by the insensitivity of media and has assured me that she will be speaking to her family and clearing the misunderstanding, i urge press and media to focus on the more important issues of this case” – said Nisha Sahdev CEO Sahdev Media – Veena’s spokesperson says.

Speaking openly to listeners and to presenter Nihal on the BBC Asian Network (UK) yesterday afternoon, Veena said: “In the past my family have always stood by my side. My family’s angry and I understand that my father is angry but I was not actually nude. I will go back – I love them, yes they are upset, but I will sit down and speak to them and I hope they will understand.”

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