Vegan Shakeology!

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If you have ever tried vegan proteins, you know that they are not exactly known for being great tasting. Also the vegan diet can be very difficult one to live with, especially if you want to get all of your necessary nutrients. People mostly use supplements to make up for whatever they are missing in their diet.  This is why Beachbody made the product vegan shakeology. By using Fermented Sprouted Brown Rice they made flavored vegan shakeology!

Shakeology has been considered by many, not only the healthiest supplement on the market, but the healthiest meal of the day.  Also you will get to enjoy this in two different flavors which are the Tropical and chocolate Vegan Shakeology. These are like your own personal cheat sheets since you get to have the benefits of a vegan diet without fully going vegan or even trying!

Also these are very beneficial for your health as a plant-based diet results in lower cholesterol level and lower risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Apart from this, by drinking these you can easily manage your weight and digestive issues. The vegan Shakeology tastes really great as for the first time ever Beachbody has managed to make creamy and smooth vegan products. These products deliver vegan benefits without the grittiness of vegan proteins.

They have been made specially by blending ultra-fine, bio-fermented, raw sprouted brown rice protein with sacha inchi, quinoa, chia, flax, amaranth, and spirulina. These shakes are a great source of proteins as they provide your body with 9 essential amino acids. Also apart from that they contain high levels of lysine and methionine, which are the two most important amino acids that are often a lacking in plant-based diets.

All these key nutrients come from 100% whole foods. This is really great for people following the vegan diet as they are unprocessed and unrefined, whole foods that deliver vitamins and nutrients to your body in the most holistic and easily assimilated way. Also all of these ingredients make these shakes really good for your health and they also make it taste really good.

The Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is one of the most delicious vegan shakes. It has been crafted with a mouthwatering mix of strawberries, bananas, papayas, pineapples, coconuts, plus whole superfoods from around the world. You will love the refreshing fruity flavor of this 100% vegan soy and dairy free Tropical Strawberry shake.

The Chocolate Vegan shakeology on the other hand is a completely plant-based formula with NO animal products. This will give your system a break from heavy animal proteins. This has been made from all natural chocolate. This shake is the way nature intended chocolate to taste. It’s rich, earthy chocolate taste is derived solely from whole-food ingredients with no additional flavoring agents.

Both these shakes contain superfoods which are really great for your health. People who are following vegan diet can really benefit from the superfoods that have been added to these shakes. They contain 5 different superfoods including moringa, coconut flower nectar, luo han guo, Himalayan salt, and konjac root. All of the key nutrients come from natural whole foods. There are no added vitamins or mineral isolates and no fortification.

Each of these superfoods has its own importance for the human body. The flower of a coconut tree produces nectar that’s sweet, has a round, earthy flavor, and is low on the glycemic index (GI). It is rich in many vitamins and minerals. It’s also rich with inulin, a prebiotic fiber that feeds our intestinal flora and helps boost digestive and immune functions. Luo Han Guo Fruit has antioxidant properties that help with immune health.

The Himalayan salt is minimally processed, therefore it contains more than 70 trace minerals from the Earth that our bodies need. Moringa is also called the “Tree of Life,” because it is one of nature’s most nutritious foods. This superfood contains 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants along with all of the essential amino acids. Konjac Root on the other hand helps promote healthy blood sugar levels, makes you feel full quicker, promotes healthy cholesterol levels, and helps clean the digestive tract of excess fat and toxins.

Another great thing about these shakes is that it is lactose free. As most people have trouble digesting dairy, whey protein, or animal proteins, they can totally have this shake as it is lactose free! Also these shakes lack fructose s they have been made with superfoods which are naturally sweet. Therefore if you’re anti-fructose, then Chocolate Vegan or Tropical Strawberry will be perfect for you!

A great thing about following the vegan Shakeology is that it will make your craving disappear. The new ingredient konjac root that has been added in both Chocolate Vegan and Tropical Strawberry Shakeology will help your cravings disappear! The fiber in this new wonder-food absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water, making you feel fuller, for a very long time. Also both these shakes have got the stamp of approval therefore these are safe to drink. All in all these are great shakes for people who are following a vegan diet plan as they provide you with the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

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