Videos: VIdyut Jammwal’s incredible and unique training!

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What we see other stars do is a basic gym workout regime but, Vidyut Jammwal has a knack of doing things differently.

Vidyut Jammwal trains like no other and does not diet. He enforces that dieting isn’t the way to being fitter and says just sheer dedication towards working out leads to fitness.

He has a unique style of keeping his body in shape!

As you will see in the followoing videos, one way is that his dog Salvador Dali joins in on Vidyut’s workouts. In one video you will see that he uses his dog as weight and in the other he ties his own foot and gives the leash to his dog and walks on his hands.

These training videos are very unique and it also underlines the adorable relationship of Vidyut and his dog.

In another cool video, Vidyut is seen training with a steel road moving it around like a powerful ninja. He is a professional martial artist and is a good looking one at that.

Seriously Vidyut has got the moves and the body!

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