Vidya Concentrating on Work

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Vidya Balan’s focus is solely on her movies and giving the best performance she can. With several movies ready to release and filming several others she is too busy to heed the rumors about her love life and wants to concentrate on her work.

Her approach to work is very much her own and she is very sure that showing skin to gain popularity is not the way for her. “I feel it’s your personality that wins over people, not your clothes or the lack of them. Besides, I don’t think being sexy has got anything to do with skimpy clothes. Malaika Arora Khan can look sexy even in a burqa. But a lot of people who reveal don’t look sexy; they look tacky,” she says. Adding that one of the reasons she chose not to do Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was that the costumes were too short, “Well, the clothes were one reason. Lara carried them off beautifully, but I wouldn’t have been at ease in them since I haven’t done anything like that before. Besides I didn’t have the dates,” she said.

However, Vidya not wearing short and skimpy clothes in the movies certainly has not stopped the rumor mill about the affairs with her costars. She has been linked with Pradeep Sarkar, Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham but these rumors just amuse her. And who might be next? She answers laughing,” “It might be the baby in Heyy Baby! And there’s always Fardeen, Ritiesh, Akshay and Boman. It’s become bizarre. Just because I get along with my co-stars doesn’t mean I’m seeing them. While shooting for Salaam-e-Ishq, I got along well with all my co-stars, but it was my friendship with John that got noticed. The link-ups are not just media manufactured. When people see you having a good time with your co-stars, they can’t see it as mere friendship. But I’m here to work, not have affairs,” she says.

Amazingly this beautiful and talented actress has felt untalented and unattractive but her belief in prayer and positive thinking helped her through. “After being booted out of a Tamil film, I went through a tough phase. I used to feel so ugly that I stopped looking in the mirror. It was my intense prayers that helped. I don’t subscribe to rituals. I can pray in a church, mosque or temple,” she revealed.

Since then her career has really taken off and she has had much success. She has been working hard lately with several releases coming up. She says, “There’s Heyy Baby, then Halla Bol, in which I play Ajay Devgan’s wife. And in Bhul Bhulaiya, I play a classical dancer in a small part of the film. It’s a psychothriller and an entirely different genre for me.”

We wish Vidya much success in her upcoming films!

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