Vidya Hot on Satellite deals

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Anyone slightly interested in current Bollywood will know of Vidya Balan and her success recently.  While 2011 brought success in the form of No One Killed Jessica and super hit The Dirty Picture, 2012 proves to bring even more success especially after another successful hit in Kahaani.  It seems that even satellite is not getting enough of Vidya and her female lead films.

When the media looks to describe the success of Miss Balan, modest is certainly a word that is never used.  No One Killed Jessica proved as success but The Dirty Picture proved to be even bigger, breaking not just any record but one for any female lead film.  With the success of the film and a number of awards lining up, the price of satellite rights proves to be just as in demand as its lead star.  This month Kahaani has seen great success for its speedy story line, depiction of Calcutta and representation of female power, something that Vidya has vocally enjoyed.  While Kahaani is expected to break The Dirty Picture‘s overseas numbers at the box office it is also fetching fantastic prices of satellite rights.   If rumors are to believed then Kahaani has almost fetched 8 crore in satellite rights.

Producer Vikram Malhotra says, “I’m not at liberty to disclose figures. But I can tell you that Kahaani has surpassed expectations on all fronts – India box office; overseas and satellite sales.”

Commenting on Balan’s success he adds, “I have been recently asked whether Vidya is the new Khan on the block. To that my reply is ‘she’s the new hero on the block. The new Balan.’ It is amazing how she has carried the film entirely on her shoulders.”

In public interviews Vidya has always commented on the material available for women oriented films saying previously there has only been slim pickings until now.  Vidya will certainly be seen as an advocate and campaigner for more female lead films: a wish which will certainly come true.

While satellite companies fight for the rights of Vidya’s films others now seem willing to offer better prices of a great deal of the earlier films with female protagonists.  Something that will certainly be sweet music to the ears for Vidya and audiences alike.

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