Vidya identifies with Munmun Ghosh’s novel, wants to do a film on it

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Seems like Vidya Balan wants to explore some more unconventional roles. The actress is identifying with Munmun Ghosh’s new novel and would love to be in a film based on the book, depending on how it is interpreted and who is making it.

Vidya said, “I have been too busy since the past 3 years of my life to read a book. This is the first book I am reading in all this while and I really seem to identify with this book.” She also said that her observation of people around her is an important element of her identification with the book, besides personal experiences of course. “I can relate the novel to a lot of people I have met, especially people from the media,” she said.

The novel is about three young single women, their relationships with men and the urge for fulfilling all their dreams. Vidya feels that in today’s time, the pressure of being in a relationship makes people go in for the wrong relations which eventually lead to broken hearts. “Then there are those special days, which make single people feel all the more depressed. I have been through it too so I know how it is,” she sighs.

The actress spoke about her singlehood and said that a lot of people were curious to know why she is single. “I was so lost in my professional life that I was happy single then, and that is what I told people. I didn’t feel the pressure much.”

Munmun Ghosh said that she had sent Vidya an SMS for the launch of her book, following a friend’s advice. The novel is called ‘Unhooked’ which had been published in June and Vidya launched it in Mumbai.

Munmun’s first book was ‘Hushed Voices’ which had been published in 2007. It was about the marginalized classes in Mumbai.

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