Vidya Malavade Getting Meatier Parts

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Vidya Malavade, who played Siddharth’s sister in Striker, is pleased with her appearance in Tum Milo Toh Sahi. “The script is fantastic and it’s a very youthful film,” she says, “It’s not a weak sob story. It talks about love at all ages. I play Anita Nagpal, a Bengali, with loads of kajal and red and white bangles, who is married to Sunil Shetty. It’s a meaty role.”

Poor Vidya was the butt of the Indian love of practical jokes on set. She and co-star Anjana Sukhani asked if they could disappear off-set for an hour to attend a function at a hotel. The director and star Nana Patekar knew they would be late getting back because of the traffic and weather and concocted a plan to appear really angry with the women on their return. Unfortunately, it was almost too successful with Vidya nearly in tears before they were able to persuade her they were only pretending. “She actually started crying and we all burst out laughing,” narrates the director, Kabir Sadanand. “It took a few minutes to convince her that we were not mad with her and even longer to get her to believe that it was a prank that Nana had plotted.”

Vidya will next be seen in the interesting Aap Ke Liye Hum about the problem of abandoned mothers in India. The film will star Jaya Bachchan as the adopted mother and Ranvir Shorey as the son who abandons her. The top cast also features Ayesha Takia, Manisha Koirala and Raveena Tandon.

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