Vidya on a detox break

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With the most successful female lead film released in November, winning an award at every award show and a successful release last week would be a toll for any actress but Vidya intends to reward herself with a long awaited vacation. The award winning actress has been working non stop since the end of 2009 and has promoted her biggest recent hits The Dirty Picture and Kahaani almost back to back.

“I want to read, listen to music, catch up on movies, spend time with my loved ones and yes, sleep! My parents have threatened to lock me in if I don’t rest,” says Vidya.  This will certainly come as welcome news to her family given her health scares she had during wrapping up filming on The Dirty Picture.  Even Vidya admits it has taken its toll saying “It’s been hectic and crazy, and there have been times when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out!”

During her filming for The Dirty Picture, Bollywood’s leading lady put on 12 kilos to make her role as Silk as authentic as possible.  With some free time she hopes that those 12 kilos will be lost as she hits the gym.

Fans will not be left disappointed however with Vidya appearing in an item song for the up coming Vidhu Vinod Chopra film Ferrari Ki Sawari.  Commenting on her experience of filming the item song Vidya says, “The moves are aggressive and the song oozes sensuality. It was difficult to do even with a Lavani dancer on the sets, but it’s my favorite form and I enjoyed it.”

With Vidya becoming one of the hottest female stars in Bollywood it will be expected that she will have plenty scripts to read through while on her personal detox.  Her next confirmed film will be the comedy, Ghanchakkar, which will begin filming in August-September. “I’ve been itching to do a comedy and I’m glad it’s with Rajkumar Gupta with whom I made No One Killed Jessica (2011). But first I need my detox break.”

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