Vidya’s Gallant Hero Siddharth Kannan

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Popular TV show host Siddharth Kannan was recently in the capital city to host an event. Along with many celebrities who attended the do, Vidya Balan was a part of this event. Siddharth and Vidya have been good friends for a long time and they greeted each other like old pals. Since the cold weather in Delhi left Vidya shivering, Siddharth offered his jacket in total filmy style by going down on his knees. Vidya was totally floored by this gesture of Siddharth’s and blushed a bit.

Their camaraderie strengthened when Sid and Vidya started conversing in Tamil in front of a hall packed audience, who seemed to enjoy every bit of their tete a tete!

Vidya Balan was surely charmed by Siddharth.

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