Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Haunted 3D’ is India’s first Stereoscopic 3D film!

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Helmed by leading Indian film-maker and master of Horror, Vikram Bhatt, Haunted 3D is a first for Indian cinema. The film was shot with the same next generation 3D technology of Avatar and boasts of work by internationally renowned 3D technicians with projects such as Resident Evil – The Afterlife, Saw 7, and more to their name. A combined production of BVG Films (BVG), a division of ASA Productions and DAR Motion Pictures (DAR), the film is all set to hit the theatres on 15th April 2011. It is the story of US-returned Rehan and his quest to unravel the secret of a mysterious Mansion; a mission that requires him to save a beautiful girl…a girl who is already dead! Written by Amin Hajee and directed by Vikram Bhatt the film stars Mahakshay Chakraborty, Achint Kaur, Arif Zakaria, Sanjay Sharma and newcomer Tia Bajpai.

Speaking at the Haunted 3D First Look unveiling event, Vikram Bhatt said “Haunted is my most challenging and fulfilling movie. The challenge began from the scripting stage itself because we had to visualise the country’s first next generation stereoscopic 3D film. It was all new. The style was new, the technology was new. We had to acquaint ourselves with the technology, learn it, adapt to it. That was a major feat and I must thank the entire technical team. They were brilliant. We would never have been able to achieve this unique milestone in Indian cinema without them.”

Haunted 3D is a compelling story, set in the misty mountains of Dalhousie that revolves around Glen Manor, a sprawling mansion with a secret past and a haunted present. The protagonist ‘Rehan’ visits Glen Manor to complete a transaction, involving its sale that his father had initiated and which is now under a cloud due to certain mysterious incidents. What he does not bargain for is that while he is trying to do so he discovers a Secret and falls in love with it. What he does not bargain for is that the Secret catapults him to the biggest challenge and question of his life.

Commenting on the partnership with Vikram Bhatt and BVG Films for this milestone project Mr. Arun Rangachari, Chairman, DAR Capital Group, said: “It is indeed a privilege to be an integral part of India’s first Stereoscopic 3D movie Haunted 3D. Given our focus on and quest for films based on quality contemporary content and new age technologies, we had absolutely no hesitation in partnering with BVG and Vikram when he first discussed the idea of Haunted 3D with us. We are very proud with the way the film has shaped up and are confident of the movie receiving excellent audience response.”

The sub-continent’s first new wave 3D stereoscopic film Haunted 3D features the latest digital 3D cinematography and projection techniques seen in Avatar (2009), the James Cameron blockbuster that created box office history and popularised the new format worldwide. Furthermore, filmed by the well-known 3DCC’s international team of technicians, including Brent Robinson, Christan Jeams and Cassidey and Micheal Reuben Flax, who have worked on the 3D and horror genre in Hollywood films like Resident Evil – the Afterlife, Saw 7, The Incredible Hulk, etc., the film has been shot with the crew’s custom 3D stereoscopic digital motion picture camera system and rigging. Haunted’s extensive special effects were done at Prasad Studios, Chennai.

Commenting on the films 3D technology and tone, Brent Robinson said: “In Haunted we used the latest technology, similar to what was used in Avatar. It is not based on the archaic technology of converting 2D to 3D but actually includes beam-splitter and stereo tango rigs as well as 3D cameras along with S12k digital cameras. The movie uses suspense, silence and the play of music to scare audiences. We tried to maintain a moody tone for the film without going overboard. Otherwise the human mind would have found it difficult to understand and assimilate what’s going on.”

In addition, to the film’s technical USPs and achievements many industry stalwarts are also optimistic that, being the first Indian mainstream 3D stereoscopic film, it will usher in a new wave of 3D conversions on the exhibition front in India as well.

Commenting on the partnership with BVG and DAR for the movie, Mr. Kapil Agarwal, Joint MD, UFO Moviez India Ltd said: “We are confident that Haunted 3D will be the harbinger of change and will usher the next big wave of theatre conversions to support 3D films. Being a pioneer in the industry’s technological revolution, UFO Moviez is also committed to enhancing the country’s 3D footprint. We are focused on bringing in this next wave of change through our innovative business model designed around state-of-the-art 3D digital cinema systems with satellite based delivery to theatres across the country. Joining hands with DAR Motion Pictures and BVG Films for ‘Haunted 3D‘ which is India’s first stereoscopic 3D film, is UFO’s step towards encouraging the Indian Film industry to invest in the future of 3D content.”

Check out the trailer for the film!

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