Vishal Bhardwaj’s new film!

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42-year-old Ajay Devgan and 23-year-old Anushka Sharma will star in Vishal Bhardwaj’s new film Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola. With a unique title, a veteran director, lyrics by Gulzar, and a new costar pair, the film is catching everyone’s attention. “I was also missing working with Ajay for some time. He is such a great actor and an even greater human being,” Vishal says about the casting of the lead role. As well, Ajay has nothing but praise. “Vishal Bhardwaj is an incredible director who has the ability to bring out the best in any actor.”

The film is set in Haryana and it is a comedy that Vishal has been working on for years. Other than that limited information, however, the plot remains a mystery. There have been murmurs that the film is a satire. Of what, that remains unknown. The rest of the cast has not been released. The film is slated to open in 2012.

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