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Sooraj Barjataya; the name seems to ring a bell doesn’t it? Indeed, he is the man who has given us a number of blockbuster movies in the past years like Maine Pyar Kiya and the immensely loved Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. His last offering, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, is better forgotten but now the showman is back with a light, romantic and family-oriented movie named Vivah. The movie circulates around a young couple, played by Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao and their journey from engagement to marriage. Barjataya is known to offer great musicals and he has once again done the same for this movie. Instead of roping in a current and popular composer, Barjataya takes a different route and brings in veteran Ravindra Jain as both the composer and lyricist of his new offering.

‘Mujhe Haq Hai’ is a very simple and soft song which gives you a Hum Aapke Hai Kaun feel. The song grows on you after a few listens. Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal do a fair job in the rendition.

‘Do Anjaane Ajnabi’ is quite similar to the first song as it is very subtle and easy on the ears. The tabla and flute insert is beautiful. The pairing of Udit and Shreya works once again in bringing out the desired emotions.

‘Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura Hai’ is yet another ear pleaser with sweet lyrics that at times tends to get too filmi. The tabla beats give a dance feel.

‘Hamari Shaadi Mein’ is a dhol number that once again reminds one of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. This time Babul Supriyo joins in with Shreya and does an average job.

‘Kal Jisne Janam Yahan Paaya’ is solely enjoyable because of Kumar Sanu. The song has both families reminiscing about their children’s childhood. It’s a simple, situational song that will work in the movie.

‘O Jiji’ is yet another situational song about two sisters teasing each other about the new brother-in-law that is to join their family. Pamela Jain’s voice is very refreshing and Shreya does her bit well too.

‘Tere Dewar Pe Aai Baraat’ is a lame attempt to recreate the magic of Didi Tere Devar Deewana.The singers offer no hope to save this song. It’s better to skip through this one.

‘Jai Gauri Maa’ is a bhajan that will be appreciated by selective listeners. Pamela Jain is very pleasant.

‘Savaiyya – Chotta Sa Saajan’ is a cute vidai song but it does not offer the usual. Instead of a weeping piece, this brings a smile to one’s face. Suresh Waadkar and Aparnaa Bhaagwat are lovely.

‘Savaiyya – Raadhey Krishn Ki Jyoti’ is in the same tune and rhythm of the last piece. The sitar and soft tabla beats make a good listen. It will mainly appeal to listeners who are fans of devotional music.

In all, this one is a total disappoint. Even with a long line-up of songs, it does not seem to create any magic or even a spark. What one needs when listening to this album is great patience. The songs do not have commercial appeal since most, if not all the songs are situational. Better to listen to the songs during the movie. Not worth the money.

Our Rating

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