Vivek Awaits To Be Forgiven

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If there is someone who knows how wrong things can go in life it has to be Vivek Oberoi. When he debuted, the industry was overjoyed at the discovery of a fresh face and talent that was just waiting to be tapped into. But like they say, all good things come to an end. In Vivek’s case we’d like to stay optimistic and say that his rough patch was not the end, but simply a pause in the journey.

In a recent interview with Vickey Lalwai the actor spoke of his past, present and future.

Referring to the past, he said that whole Salman-Ash-Press-Conference fiasco was the product of an immature and irrational youthful age. When asked on why the public apology to Salman he said that it was the only solution to his wrong doing which also had occurred at a public platform.

Vickey tried to press all the right buttons to get a response against the Bachchans or in particular Bachchan Bahu, but Vivek remained a true gentleman and showed how much had indeed changed. Apparently his relationship with the Bachchans is rather pleasant currently, with Big B himself being rather encouraging to him at IIFA and Bachchan junior commending him on his performance at IFFA. As for Bahu Bachchan, Ash, Vivek said that he respected her and it would be very un-gentlemen like of him to comment on anything to do with their past.

So that was the past and present, what about the future. For now Vivek has appointed someone to look into his work, previously this was done by his dad. The actor feels that he wants to give his parents a stress-free life from now onwards and the best way to do so is to send them on a holiday. On a more personal note, Vivek cleverly responds to questions about link-ups with Jacqueliene Fernedes by saying that she’s just a friend and says that even though that’s a clich

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