Vivek joins Zayed in dangerous stunt for Mission Istanbul

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Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul is an action thriller and it seems the cast is taking the words action and thriller to heart. Recently we reported that Zayed Khan performed a very dangerous stunt for the film. Well now Vivek Oberoi has joined in on the “we can do our own stunts don’t need a body double” bandwagon and the two of them recently shot for a very dangerous scene.

The scene required the two actors to not only jump on to a moving helicopter from a six story building, it also had them jumping off the just about to explode helicopter into the frigid sea. “The climate here is very cold, so nobody expected Vivek and Zayed to jump into the ice cold water. When they told Lakhia that they wanted to perform the scenes themselves, he was naturally flabbergasted. He tried to explain to both of them but eventually gave in to their demands,” said a source from the set.

Director Lakhia, of course, planned on using body doubles for the scene but the two actors were determined to do the stunts themselves, “Yes, I was very reluctant about letting Zayed and Vivek do the dangerous scenes. I do not encourage actors to perform their own stunts as it can be very hazardous. However, they were adamant and finally I let them have their way. The good part is that it enabled me to get many close-ups shots of the two actors which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

Adding, “It was only when my stunt directors Javed and Ejaz told me that they were confident about Vivek and Zayed being able to pull it off that I agreed to let them do it.”

We look forward to seeing this amazing stunt and the rest of the film when Mission Istanbul releases next year.

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