Vivek Oberoi is Heading South

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The male item song is gaining heat for a few years now – and not just in Bollywood, where sexy Shah Rukh Khan has been flashing his megawatt smile and glistening abs in songs like ‘Mast Kalander’. The trend is moving south to Sandalwood where director Ashok Kashyap has roped Vivek Oberoi into an item song for his Kannada language film Sihi Muthu.

Vivek’s song will be shot with a huge budget of Rs. 40 lakhs and Ashok Kashyap will be directing it personally. Mr. Kashyap is probably best known for his work as a cinematographer for the hit Kannanda-language film Joke Falls, which was based on the classic Bollywood film Chupke Chupke. Sihi Muthu, however, has an original story written by Mr. Kashyap’s wife Rekha Rani, and will be a heroine-driven film about a girl (played by debutante Pooja) who is searching for five different people who have helped her in her past.

Despite being overshadowed by the bigger South Indian industries of Tolly and Kollywood, Kannada-language films are well respected and have attracted such actors as Amitabh Bachchan, who did a rare guest appearance in the 2005 film Amrithadare. Vivek’s charisma and star power should give Sihi Muthu, which has been filming since 2008, a bump at the box office worthy of any item queen!

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