Vivek Oberoi perfect choice for RGV’s Rakta Charitra

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One of Bollywood’s most talented actors Vivek Oberoi is certainly on a roll with two films currently in the pipeline. First up is Prince directed by Kookie Gulatia and produced by Kumar S Taurani, who said about working with Vivek that he is “extremely talented and dedicated to his craft”. Then in production now is the Karan Johar Production directed by Rensil D’Silva co-starring Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Now, the gorgeous star has signed a new project with master director Ram Gopal Varma, who gave Vivek his big break in Company. Vivek will again take on an intense avatar to portray Paritala Ravi in the dramatic film Rakta Charitra.

The acclaimed director told Joginder Tuteja that he feels that Vivek is ideal to portray this role, “After thinking hard on every actor both known and unknown, I have finally zeroed in on Vivek Oberoi as the most ideal choice to play Paritala Ravi. He has remarkable intensity in his eyes which I noticed in the making of Company, a voice which commands attention, an arrogance in his demeanour, an enormous power in his stance, and also a certain vulnerability which makes one instantly warm up to him, which is what is needed to fit in a role of Paritala Ravi’s profile.” Adding that he feels this will be a “defining film for both of us”.

The film, which will be released in two parts in 2010, tells the story of Paritala Ravi who Varma explained was, “Arguably the most feared individual ever in the history of the blood-ridden faction politics of South India. He was a prime accused in innumerable murder cases and also survived numerous assassination attempts, the most brutal of which happened on a quiet Friday afternoon in November 1997 when a road near Rama Naidu Studio in Hyderabad was turned into a death field by a bomb which killed 26 people but failed to get its intended target Ravi.” Adding, “Ravi’s name sent shivers up the spines of not only his rivals but even the law enforcement agencies. He was a rebel, a feudal lord, a robin hood, a killer of hundreds and saviour of thousands till the day he was gunned down by a death squad allegedly put together by his arch rival Suri who wanted to avenge his father’s and brother’s deaths, in a bizarre d

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