Vivek Oberoi turns nasty for Krrish 3

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Vivek Oberoi has been selected to play the villain in Rakesh Roshan’s forthcoming film, Krrish 3.

The role demanded “an ultra-cool, stylish person. He is intelligent, edgy, witty, smart and evil – somewhat like the Joker in the Batman series.”

Hritihik Roshan plays three characters in the film – a father, son and grandson. If possible, he would have played the role of a villain as well, but his father (and director of the film) was adamant that the role of the bad guy be played by Vivek Oberoi. Sources say that Ajay Devgn was also one of the contenders for the role.

Rakesh says that since Hrithik was already playing three roles, it was impossible for him to also play the antagonist.

“I had Vivek in mind for the part right from the start. He has the right physique and body language for it.”

Apparently Rakesh and Suresh Oberoi (Vivek’s father) have been friends for many years and he always wanted the opportunity to work with the handsome actor. “When the role of the antagonist in Krrish 3 came up, I instinctively knew Vivek was right for it,” he said.

Production for Krrish 3 will begin in November and most of the film will be shot in Mumbai.

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