Vivek Oberoi’s very own Taj Mahal!

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Now how many actors out there can boast of owning the Taj Mahal? Well, not literally but please read on.
On August 15th, Vivek Oberoi is going to be the proud owner of a new, stylish vanity van which costs a good 1.5 crore. The van has been exclusively designed for the actor by none other than Bonito Chhabria who specializes in designing classy and exquisite vehicles.

When asked about his luxurious van, Vivek laughs and says “Don’t call it a van. It’s my Taj Mahal!” And the boy sure has reason enough to call it that. Vivek helped Bonito sketch the interiors (which are made of aircraft quality composite) of his vanity van, which includes a complete audio-visual package with a 50-inch LCD screen and an on-board media centre. The van is separated into two parts, with the front portion consisting of the office and make-up chamber, an automated sofa-cum-bed and also, fold-out bench seatings which are set aside for meetings and script reading sessions.

The rest of the bus which is separated from the front portion by a pull down screen comprises of a queen-size bed with twin roof hatches that open out to the sky, a toilet chamber, a state-of-the-art gym, a bar and a pantry which is accompanied by LED and electro-luminescent lighting, as well as two internal generator sets flown down from Japan. Phew!

If that wasn’t enough, Vivek’s ‘Taj Mahal’ also has a… hold your breath….a jacuzzi! It looks like Oberoi Jr. is all set to relax to the max during his film shootings!

The costliest in Bollywood, this vanity van sure sounds like one heck of a dream vehicle! Will you please give us a ride Vivek?

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