Vivek on the type of girl he would like to meet

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One of Bollywood’s best actors, Vivek Oberoi, is enjoying his career and also his single status. Recently, while at IIFA promoting his new film Mission Istanbul, he gave Indiatimes Movies some thoughts on being single and the type of girl he would like to meet.

About relationships Vivek said, “I have been in two serious relationships, two of them back to back for seven and half years…mere sar takh gaya yaar (my head is tired). I mean it’s difficult and unless the person’s amazing and makes you feel like heaven on earth. Normally things in a relationship the first year is damn amazing after that it gets very difficult.”

However now he is having a ball as a single man, “Now that I have lived the single life for the last two to three years I am thinking why didn’t I do this before. It’s amazing. I mean I enjoy myself,” he said with a big smile.

Vivek also revealed that in the next five years he wants to do every thing on his “list of things to do before I am 35”: “I’ve got five years more now. I’ve turned 30 now and the pressure’s on from home.”

Though being single is fun, Vivek is also a romantic and does want to meet a that special someone. “I want to meet someone who’s very simple, out of the ordinary, who makes my life extraordinary. Someone who’s simple, has a sense of humor, is a nice person, a nice human being who thinks about things other than just herself. She’s not like self obsessed, thinking only about her. Who’s not glamour struck or not so involved with this world. Who will have time for herself, time for me and time for the relationship.”

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