Vivek set to star in another action packed thriller!

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The actor seems more committed to his work than ever these days! After the rigorous training for Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul which releases this Friday, Vivek is working even harder now to get a totally new look for Kookie Gulati’s project produced by Tips. The film is currently on location in South Africa.

Vivek is being trained under the watchful eyes of London based trainer Dean Alexandroun who is teaching him martial arts and a trainer from Thailand trains the actor in Thai kick boxing and tae kwon do.

If you think that’s not a harsh routine wait till you hear about his new diet! A new diet has been designed for the actor to help him acquire the lean body he needs for the next project. The quantity of food intake has been decreased, non-veg intake being reduced and a increase in the number of organic dishes in his meals. It seems that this new menu is a winning combination to of a natural metabolism enhancer.

Well whatever all this technical mumbo-jumbo is we cannot wait to see its results on screen!

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