Vivek shoots solo song for Mission Istanbul

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Vivek Oberoi lit up the stage at this year’s IIFA performing to the song ‘Apun Ke Saath Jo Ladega’ from Mission Istanbul. After seeing his brilliant performance, the producers of MI decided to give the hunkstar a solo song in the movie. Originally, there was no solo song planned for him, but only because it did not seem to fit with his character of a Turkish commando.

Apoorva Lakhia said, “Sunil and I decided to give Vivek the song choreographed by Rajiv Goswami. Originally, there was no solo song of Vivek’s as he plays a Turkish commando so we couldn’t have him singing and dancing around trees.”

For the number, Vivek along with six Russian beauties will be seen grooving to the jammin’ track by Mika, who also did last year’s ‘Aye Ganpat’ from Shootout At Lokhandwala. Lakhia revealed: “Vivek auditioned the girls himself. He wanted the song to look good and I guess Vivek also wanted to hang around with some cute and cool chicks!”

Lakhia discounted any rumors that there was a problem with how the film’s stars were being promoted: “Earlier, people were saying we were not promoting Vivek enough. That wasn’t true. It’s just that Zayed has a romantic angle and had two songs with two different girls. Vivek has never come to me with any complaints.”

Adding, “This is our second film together. We are friends and share a pretty good relationship. Now we have decided to promote only Vivek’s song and not the Vivek-Zayed number. I have to be fair. It’s a two-hero film.”

Be sure to check out Mission Istanbul when it roars into theaters on July 25th!

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