Vivek to learn Turkish

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Vivek Oberoi is an actor who works hard at portraying everything in his roles down to the smallest detail. This attention to make the character seem real is continuing with the movie he is currently working on. The film Mission Istanbul, directed by Apoorva Lakhia is set in Turkey and Vivek’s character is a man named Rizwan who has a bit of Turkish ethnicity in him.

Since his character is Turkish, Vivek has several lines in Turkish he must deliver and he needs to feel comfortable with the language. “Apu wanted Vivek to speak Turkish in the film, but then realized that the Indian audience wouldn’t be able to relate to it. Hence, he decided to make Vivek’s character speak a mix of Hindi and Turkish to lend authenticity to the character’s Turkish origins,” said a source.

Of course Vivek was all for adding this layer to his performance and is already taking lesson with a tutor. The dialect is a bit difficult so Vivek is working very hard and a friend says, “However, he’ll be able to deliver in a matter of time. In fact, the film is going to be shot in sync sound, so he needs to get his accent right.”

The film is being shot almost exclusively in Turkey and has a 70-day shooting schedule that begins on October 1st. This very ambitious project also stars Zayed Khan and is produced by Suniel Shetty. It is an action-packed thriller with the action sequences being directed by well-known Hollywood stunt director George Aguilar (The Departed, Gangs of New York).

We are sure that Vivek’s performance in Hindi and Turkish will be wonderful and are looking forward to seeing Mission Istanbul when it hits theaters.

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