Vivek’s New Muse

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Vivek Oberoi has a reputation of being quite the lover boy, charmer and is seen in the company of women most of the time. In the past he has officially dated Aishwarya Rai and was previously engaged to model Gurpreet Gill. In between he has his share of flirtatious flings and has been linked to various co-stars. While his movies seem to flopping all around him, Oberoi has no lack of women who flock to his side.

His latest muse that has been seen loitering around him at various functions and events is a beautiful Italian woman by the name of Grace. However, before you jump to any conclusions about the very much single actor, insiders say the duo are just “good friends.” Grace is a professional surfer trainer whom Vivek met on a trip to South Africa where he was learning the water sport. Initially, when he was asked about her, he refused to divulge any details; however, the mystery was soon solved and it was revealed that she is the brand ambassador for Billabong and hence was in the city for work.

Sources also claim that the couple are very comfortable around each other and are more than happy to pose for a picture or two for the media. Right Vivek, keep on denying your new love interest…we know you’ll soon crumble and spill the beans!

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