Was Emraan Hashmi a Victim of Discrimination?

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Emraan Hashmi claims that a housing society in the exclusive Pali Hill district of Mumbai blocked his house purchase because he is a Muslim. He has lodged a complaint with the Minorities Commission of Maharashtra. “I had finalised a deal to buy a flat in Pali Hill but the society refused to issue a No Objection Certificate because I am a Muslim,” claims Emraan. Housing societies, who run local apartment blocks in Mumbai have a good deal of discretion over who they will accept within their block and rumours of discrimination are rife in both Hindu and Muslim dominated blocks.

Minister of State for Home Affairs, Asif Naseem Khan has asked the police to investigate. “I was really surprised to know that people are not given a house because of their religion,” he said, “This is completely unlawful. I have already instructed the joint commissioner of police to look into the matter.”

In a somewhat confused statement, Salman Khan said he disagreed that Emraan was denied an NOC because he was a Muslim. “If religious profiling indeed happened, Emraan Hashmi would not have been what he is today. Similarly, Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan would not be what they are today,” he stated – and then called upon the housing society to issue the certificate: “I would appeal to the Nibbana Housing society in Bandra to provide the required NOC to Emraan.”

The Housing Society has issued a statement saying that it has yet to issue an NOC because it has yet to make a decision.

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