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Starring: Seema Biswas, Lisa Ray, John Abraham and Sarala
Director: Deepa Mehta

All religions have a dark part of their history which might not be the most celebrated. As time goes on, circumstances change and times change, forcing age-old traditions to vanish. In Water, director Deepa Mehta sheds light on an aspect of Hinduism that is often controversial. In the 1930’s, Hindu widows were forced to adhere to the harsh ways of life forced upon them by society. The film touches upon the prejudice that these women had to endure and provides a ray of hope that symbolizes a better future for Indian widows. The film stars child actress Sarala, Seema Biswas, Lisa Ray, John Abraham and Manorama.

The movie begins with six-year old Chuyia (Sarala) being sent to an ashram, a house for widows. After her the death of her husband whom she had never even met, innocent Chuyia is forced to give up her life as a child and forced to adhere to the traditional and societal customs of a widow. At the ashram, Chuyia meets many other widows; some who become her friends, and others, her enemies. She immediately meets Madhumati (Manorama), the head of the ashram, who initially seems like a sweet lady although her true colours shine through once Chuyia begins to challenge her authority. As a na

Our Rating

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