We Are Family

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Dear Dharma Productions c/o Karan Johar,

How much more agony will you be putting us through in the future? No, please tell me. As an avid movie fan, I insist you give us advance notice so we know ahead of time not to indulge in any more Dharma films. Wasn’t it enough that we recently had to endure one I Hate Luv Storys recently that you had to give us yet another piece of trash? Just because you legally “ask” Hollywood for rights to a film you desired to remake, that does not mean we, Indian audiences, will hastey-hastey accept what you throw at us. With We Are Family, you have yet again proved that you have no understanding of your audiences. In all honesty, we are sick and tired of the garbage you repeatedly produce and expect us to watch.

Nothing is really original about your lifted script. It’s the same old hoopla all over again.

Aman (Arjun Rampal) is divorced from Maya (Kajol) for a reason that is unknown to us and frankly, by the end we don’t even wish to know. He is seen running around foreign locales with his new bird Shreya (Kareena Kapoor). You know the rest. Maya is the ideal mother while Shreya’s numerous attempts at motherhood find her failing and how. The ladies refuse to get along until they are forced by fate to live under the same house.

Did we cry? Oh yes Dharma Productions, we cried. We wept at the time we wasted to watch the film, the money spent on the ticket and at how Karan Johar could honestly tell us to go out at and watch WAF. Siddharth Malhotra is yet another KJo prot

Our Rating

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