“We are very much together and Bips is the woman I love and am marrying!” -John Abraham

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John Abraham has spoken out on the rumored break up with Bipasha and the supposed affairs. There has been no Malika, no Vidya or Sheetal in his life. “We are very much together and Bips is the woman I love and am marrying!” John said in an interview adding that he has been silent because he was shooting in Pondichery and there was no network.

There is also no Dino, Vivek or Saif romancing Bipahsa in John’s place. John said that the rumors put the “sweet and simple girl” in a bad light. When asked if the rumors affect him he answered, “I trust my woman. I really want Bipasha to go out and make friends. I would be sad and upset if she doesn’t. This is because I am so consumed by my work that I hardly have time for her. I don’t need to confront her with the rumours to reinforce my belief in her. Bipasha is very transparent. She tells me everything. So there’s no room for any doubt. I trust her completely.”

John went on to say every relationship faces trouble and they have too, “…but in this case the problems weren’t so massive that they could end our relationship. I think some people took undue advantage of the fact that we had a bit of a routine problem.”

We are glad this gorgeous and seemingly perfect for each other couple is still together, We hope that they stay happy and we get invited to their shaadi!

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