“We Must Shed the Pak-Phobia” – Mahesh Bhatt

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It is always rather exhilarating seeing how art, cinema, music and all things inherent to our film industry can contribute to a much higher issue. We all saw a ‘jhalak’ of this with Bhatt production Awaraapan created history in Pakistan with an official release that many producers couldn’t attain for their films.

Now Mahesh Bhatt takes another step to secure this bonding relationship between the two industries and countries. His latest venture that is yet to be titled is being directed by Awaraapan director Mohit Suri and is set to be the launching vehicle for Pakistani singing sensation Noumad. But that’s not all! The film is touted to be a romantic saga about two culturally crossed individuals and will be shot in Pakistan’s cultural capital. The Indian girl to star opposite Noumad is yet to be finalised however Mr Bhatt did assure the media that it will be a newcomer from India. Speaking to IANS, Mr Bhatt said that the story is set prior to partition and focuses on how a the young man saves the girl from his very own people and dedicates his life from there on to protect her.

Speaking about the location of Lahore and co-operation by the official the ace producer said, “We’ll, of course, shoot the entire film in Lahore since that’s where the film is located. We’ll be using their infrastructure and work force. The cultural secretary and the governor of Punjab have extended whole-hearted support to our film.”

More importantly when asked to comment on the growing relationship between the two countries the director said, “We must shed this Pak-phobia. It took me five years to create friendship across the border before we at Vishesh Films began to collaborate with Pakistan to make films. Such things cannot happen overnight.”

He finished by saying that other film makers perhaps weren’t making enough efforts to reach out across the border and that in order to touch your dreams one needs to stretch more than just their hand!

Wah Kya Thought Hai! With such a profound thought in mind and hopefully and as profound script prepared we simply cannot wait to see what comes before us on screen along with the beauty of Lahore. The film is all set to roll early next year!

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