All is well: Ekta Kapoor and Maanayata Dutt Speak Out

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Ekta Kapoor and Maanayata Dutt have issued a joint statement after an article appeared a few days ago claiming that Sanjay Dutt owed Kapoor 1.5 crores. At the time Mr. Sanjay Dutt’s incarceration, he not only had several films under production but also had been signed for several more.

Dipti Jindal, COO of Sanjay Dutt Productions said, “The contents of the article that appeared in Mumbai Mirror on November 7, 2014, have taken us by surprise, since the facts are malicious, completely incorrect and the sources are definitely questionable. Contrary to the article, there is no on going dispute of any kind between us. Shobha Ji/ Ekta and Sanjay share a very good personal and professional relationship. Sanjay has known Ekta and her family personally for a very long time, and the relationship between the two families goes back a long way. Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt are in fact planning to work together for an upcoming project of Ekta’s, after Sanjay’s release.”

“We are greatly aggrieved by such statements made against Sanjay in public. Such maligning and defamation of Sanjay is completely uncalled for, especially at a time of crisis and in his absence. We will take appropriate legal action against the persons responsible for the same,” read the statement.

“The story is frivolous, I value relationships more than money. The Dutt family is like an extended family to me. I would never think of bothering Bhabi with such a trivial matter, knowing that Sanju Sir is not around. I am looking forward to working with the Dutts soon,” said Ekta Kapoor.

“It is unfortunate that people, be it friends or foes, while being misinformed themselves become sources of such stories, and it is not even considered fit that things be confirmed with the concerned person and his family. We have the highest regards for Jeetu uncle, Shobha aunty and Ekta. We are looking forward for a long working association in the near future with Balaji,” said Maanayata Dutt.

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