What is Bollywood watching on the telly?

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We watch them everyday on the television; we see them every Friday in the cinema; and we read about them on the Internet. So, what exactly do the Bollywood stars do when they aren’t working and lighting up the big screens? Well, they really are a lot like us: they sit in front of the idiot box. Curious to know what they like to watch? Here’s an insight:

Saif Ali Khan: The Nawab likes to keep it American and prefers to watch the likes of Entourage, Prison Break and 24. No saas-bahu soaps for this Khan.

Vidya Balan: Vidya prefers the reality shows including Nach Baliye. In her opinion, the news channels have become too “tacky” and she is not impressed by how some stars make an appearance on the singing shows for publicity and not to appreciate the music. Is that a call to be on one of the shows we hear Vidya?

Naseeruddin Shah: A Wednesday star, Nasseer prefers to watch the sports channels, especially tennis and cricket. He does like to catch on some old movies too. Perhaps some reminiscing for the talented actor?

R. Madhavan: South superstar Madhavan is all about National Geographic watching Untamed Africa and admiring nature. He claims that some of the channels are too “tabloidy” and reality shows are too predictable. Smart words from a smart man!

Raima Sen: Senior sister Raima likes to watch Friends and Sex and the City re-runs. She also admits to watching Fear Factor. Ask her if she wants to be a part of it? No way! She screams.

Dino Morea: Dino only watches TV for news and important events. Oh, and also when he’s on a TV show! Erm… how long ago was that again?

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