What ‘really’ irked Saif to come to blows!

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Much has been made out of the scuffle Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan had at a five-star restaurant in Mumbai this week, where he was dining with his girlfriend and co-star Kareena Kapoor, her sister Karisma, actress Amrita Arora and her husband Shakeel Ladakh along with producer Bilal Amrohi.

Saif as well as the NRI South African businessman Iqbal Sharma and his father-in-law Raman Patel, both claim that the opposite party hit them first. At a press conference on the strategic alliance of his new film Agent Vinod with World Series Hockey, the actor stated, “I have already said there are two sides to the story. I have complete faith in the court of law and they will best decide about the case.”

So what is this other side of the story? Apparently, what really irked Saif is that one amongst the NRI’s used filthy language and abused his actress friends! It is said that words like “whores” and “prostitutes” were used for Saif’s friends and that is what irked and provoked the otherwise polite actor to hit back in self-defense.

Inspite of such provocation, sources say that he only argued and did not throw the first blow! Surprisingly, it came from the elderly father-in-law of the NRI after which the scenario got violent.

Tajdar Amrohi, whose son Bilal was among two of Saif’s friends who were also arrested and later granted bail, said, “It’s an unfortunate incident. Probably, the NRIs seeked mileage and even managed to gain it by seeing themselves on national television.”

“I’m told the senior gentleman started the scuffle and Saif and his group only reacted. Besides they (the NRI group) were also passing filthy comments against the women on Saif’s table,” states Amrohi. Bang… there goes the ‘real’ story!

“From years together, Saif is known to be a classy and cool-headed guy. The other party must have used very unclean language to have upset a level-headed person like Saif,” reiterates Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar.

It can be noted here that Saif was awarded the Padma Shri civilian award in 2010 by the Government of India at the hands of the President of India Ms Pratibha Patil.

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