What Saroj Khan the Dancing Queen does not like in Bollywood

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Saroj Khan choreographed countless dance sequences and has worked with all the big names in the industry. Yet, after so much success and experience, the Dancing Queen feels that Bollywood is still missing that zest that use to exist years ago.

Despite her belief that she was given the evil eye by choreographers in the industry, Khan feels that Bollywood dances these days lack originality. Among the current lot of choreographers, Khan counts Vaibhavi Merchant as her most favourite, but states that “New choreographers don’t create anything. They just copy steps from here and there and that’s the reason why all the songs look so similar.”

From the actors in Bollywood, Khan counts Hrithik Roshan as her favorite male dancer and she believes that Madhuri Dixit is the one and only actress who was able to capture the true essence of dance. About the other female dancers, she says, “Aish (Aishwarya) is good, Kareena is improving, I see some potential in Vidya Balan and would love to work with her.” According to Khan, there are sufficient male dancers entering Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor being an example, but she believes that no one will ever be able to replace the magic, the beauty, the grace and the facial expressions of her all time favorite: Madhuri Dixit.

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