When We Fell in Reel Love

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We all have those moments when we knew it was love in real life, but I bet just as many of you can name the moments when you fell in reel love. Especially in the love stories of Bollywood there are many chances for prem to strike, whether it be a scene, a film, a hero or heroine. Since here at BollySpice.com, we write about what we love which is Bollywood, we asked our writers to share their moments when they fell in love in Bollywood! Cue music and wind…love song begins…

Stacey Sighs Over Shah Rukh

It was my first Bollywood film ever. I already was falling under the Bollywood magic spell but it was this moment that made me tumble all the way into love with Shah Rukh Khan. The film: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. The scene: At the train station right after their European trip. She says to him, ‘I need your address to send you a wedding card. You will come na?’ He gives her that look, his eyes say everything (Come on Simran. You know deep down… I love you and you love me). I sighed and fell totally in pyaar, ishq and mohabbat with Shah Rukh’s eyes, with Raj and with Bollywood! In fact, I called my husband and told him I found the perfect movie! It was love and still is to this day! From there I went on down the Bollywoodtastic road of films and am still sighing, melting, swooning and tumbling into love over many more scenes and heroes but this one will always be THE ONE!- Stacey Yount

Jay’s Love for Juhi

When I watched Aaina for the first time I just fell in love with Juhi’s simple character – when she meets her crush Ravi (Jackie Shroff) for the first time in the bookstore. Her subsequent excitement when she expresses her joy to her dad was one of those really well enacted natural scenes where the relationship between father and daughter is properly established. It wasn’t so much your average, orthodox ‘baap beti’ relationship but more of a buddy/pal relationship. This was without a doubt one of the best films to come out the Yash Raj Stable. Juhi was at her natural, innocent best and Aaina was definitely one of the more underrated movies of its time. -Jay Mamtora

Rumnique Fell for Anil

A man is on his bed swinging around, cavorting with his pillow and shakes it till it burst open. Feathers in the air, and the man dances around in this chaos, and I fell hard for Anil Kapoor! 1942 A Love Story was the first film I ever watched when I was 2 years old, plonked in front of TV while my mum did the hoover. Little did they know, that I’d fall in love for the rest of my life. The famous opening song ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha’, was always coming off my lips. I fell for Anil Kapoor in those opening moments of the song, the exuberance he emits while rejoicing in his love for Manisha Koirala. The rest of the song just exemplifies why I love Anil Kapoor, what other hero could channel a dashing Robert Taylor in those 1940’s clothes and generous closeups of our Anil’s million-rupee profile. This love for Anil has probably ruined me because I love men with some facial hair now, and especially if they can gallantly stride like Anil does in the song. -Rumnique Nannar

Amrita’s Heart Flutters for Vivek

I remember the time I totally fell in love with Vivek Oberoi. There is a scene in Saathiya where his character, Adi, gets on the train everyday to see his love, Suhani, who is played by Rani Mukerji. In this particular scene, Suhani asks Adi, “Why did you say I’m marrying you?” Adi then says “I didn’t say you’re going to marry me, I said I’m going to marry you!” What follows is a very flirty – and slightly forceful on Adi’s part – conversation, in full view of Suhani’s sister on the train. It was so cute the way Adi forces his way into Suhani’s affections in this film… total and utter romance! And this is what makes me fall for Vivek Oberoi over and over again while watching Saathiya. His eyes are so expressive and his voice is to-die-for. Not to mention his drop dead gorgeous smile! Love, love… LOVE! His newest title of the ‘Prince of Bollywood’, in my eyes, is totally apt. Vivek has mostly been appreciated in gangster-like roles but for me, his representation of the lover boy will get me vote every time! Vivek has admitted himself that Adi from Saathiya is the character that is most like him in real life… and this makes my heart flutter furthermore. Long live Vivek, the loverboy! -Amrita Tanna

Sheetal’s Endless Love for Salman

All of my earliest memories of Indian Cinema mostly feature Salman Khan. Naturally, my life’s chronology runs parallel to Salman Khan’s filmography. However, I cannot pinpoint the exact moment that I fell in love with Salman Khan. I believe it’s a beginning-less and endless love. That being said, I have countless moments where I have fallen in love with Salman all over again. Here is my top 5, falling-in-love-with-Salman-Khan moments. Beware: some of these are really nonsensical. Every time he says the word ‘pratishat’ (percentage) on Dus Ka Dum my heart does a somersault in my chest. In Hum Saath Saath Hai when his character, Prem whispers to Sonali’s character, Preeti , ‘Halwa bahut aacha bana tha. Dobara zaroor banana.’ As a cooking enthusiast if this scene ever happened to me, my knees would turn to jelly and I would crumble to the ground. In Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge when Raja asks Sapna why she is always so crabby and why can’t she ever talk nicely to someone. She runs away while replying that she can do so, but does not do it, because she thinks it is unnecessary. The way he smiles at the sight of her running away is priceless. His entry scene in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as the start of the song ‘Sajan-ji Ghar Aaye’ is breathtaking. Finally, every waking moment of Lucky, as Salman Khan’s character, Aditya Sekhri just re-defined the phrase ‘Knight in shining armour’ and every fairytale love story I ever knew. -Sheetal Tiwari

Rima Wants to be Laila to Kunal’s Majnu

When did I fall in love with Kunal Kapoor? Well, I guess you could say it was a combination of films. I first set my sights on Kunal in Meenaxi – A tale of three cities. It was enough to get me to look again. Unfortunately, Kunal wasn’t enough of an excuse for me to sit through the film. However, Rang De Basanti was a step in the right direction. The quiet seedha sa shareef sa kavi role that was depicted by Kunal went down well with the masses and the ‘Dimple Exposure’ was enough to get me hooked. But, (and there is always a but isn’t there) I think the point I finally fell in love with Kunal Kapoor was during Aaja Nachle. A 6ft something Majnu slipping through a bedroom window in the dead of night for a snatched glimpse of his Laila (with some dimple exposure thrown in as a bonus) and an attempt to sneak away so as not to disturb his beloved. It is enough to make me cry,’I want to be Laila!!!!!’ The first time I saw this scene I sat there with a big soppy grin on my face and let out a huge sigh. In fact, the scene gets the same reaction from me no matter how many times I see it. Alas I am not Laila I am Rima but I do have my Majnu – climbing through my bedroom window might not be possible but nothing that a ladder, some safety netting and rope can’t fix…hmmmm that has got me thinking. Alternatively I can just go watch the film again. -Rima Bhatia

Sanju has a Place in Ingrid’s Heart

First, he was not more to me than any other actor. Agreed, an actor whose films always were a treat to watch. I loved his intensity in Mission Kashmir, his wild look in Khalnayak, the sweet expression in his innocent eyes when he said “Sorry!” in Hum Kisise Kum Nahin, his softness in Parineeta. But what actually changed my attitude towards Sanju was an interview – the Devil’s Advocate with Karan Thapar on November 5, 2006. This was amidst the pronouncement of the verdicts in the TADA case and at a time when Sanju still had to fear that he might be declared guilty as a terrorist (which, thank God, did not happen). There he sat – quietly talking about how he still felt connected to his late parents, how he was still leaning on them, getting his strength from them. He remembered how during his time in jail, he told his father to lit a candle at Diwali, he’d do the same in his cell, and the two flames would connect them both. I was deeply touched. And when in the end, asked what he would do if the verdict would be against him, he calmly answered “I will face it – I have to”, I knew that from this moment on Sanju had got a place in my heart which he’d never leave again – not the actor, but the human being Sanjay Dutt. – Ingrid Zellner

Prateeksha Dreams of Shahid’s Aditya

They say that people come to watch movies to live their dreams. And I am sure that for many of the girls out there, it includes the ‘dream’ boy as well! Once in a while, you watch a character onscreen which makes your heart melt and sigh “I wish I get someone like him.” Which is EXACTLY what I said when I first saw the endearing character of Aditya Kashyap (Mr. ultra cute Shahid) in Jab We Met. The scene that did me in was the one where Aditya comes to Shimla to take back Geet to her parents. Throughout the movie he comes across as a chivalrous, well brought up guy, but this scene clearly shows what a true gentleman he is (I go weak in the knees for these kind). Guys are never good with rejection, but Aditya doesn’t hold out to it. Watch out for the part where he makes her realize that it’s he who should be indebted to her for all that she’s done and not the other way round. What strikes you most is the intense yet constraint emotions that Shahid’s character effuses – hats off to his great enactment; no over-the-top show of emotions or filmy dialogues. Well I can go on and on, but I guess you get the gist. I feel this is Shahid’s best character. *Sigh* Aditya Kashyap where are you? – Prateeksha Khot

Zenith’s Heart Melts for Akshay

My moment was when

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