Where is Aamir Khan?

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Aamir Khan has disappeared! Before you run screaming however, read on! It is all part of an innovative marketing strategy to promote his upcoming film, 3 Idiots. For the next two weeks before the release of 3 Idiots, the actor has virtually ‘disappeared’ and is on the run on an adventure trip across the country!

The cool thing is that nobody will know where he is until he wishes to reveal it himself. So, readers watch out, because Aamir could be among you and you will not even know!

Aamir wrote on his blog:
“I am somewhere in the heart of India as I write this. Have just finished my dinner of masala dosa while watching Sachin on TV, provide the clue to my first sighting. I am staying in a small hotel. Outside a loudspeaker threatens to keep me awake all night. Though I doubt I am going to fall asleep anyway. This is a most exciting journey for me. To roam the length and breath of India without being caught.

I’m going to leave clues, 7 clues- 7 answers.

A lot of people are asking, and the answer is, yes. I have disappeared for real.

In case you are wondering why I am going underground when I should be on TV giving interviews, then read the synopsis.

And besides, I will have a lot more to say after what, I would imagine, will be a most enriching journey.

On this journey I am looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends and experiencing my country like I have never before.

ARG – alternate reality gaming. Check it out at www.idiotsacademy.com

And….. catch me if you can. ;-)”

So what is 3 Idiots all about?

3 Idiots is a light-hearted and entertaining journey of two friends

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