Where’s Manisha been? Playing golf!

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When you look back at films like Dil Se, Lajja, Khamoshi and 1942 – A Love Story, one tends to miss Manisha Koirala who was once one of the reigning actresses of Bollywood. In the past few years she’s been seen in a few roles here and there, but nothing that really does justice to her bountiful talent. So where has she been?

Well, recently she’s been playing golf! Her boyfriend of one year, Chris, is a professional golfer and Manisha claims she’s gotten hooked to the game. Recently she attended the US Open golf championship. But why golf? She explains, “That’s because Chris, my boyfriend, is a professional golfer. I had actually come down to San Diego to spend time with Chris but now I have got hooked to the game.”

At the same time, she has a film that’s ready for release titled Mehbooba. Though it was completed a few years ago, the film has still managed to generate waves through it’s melodious music, classic look and well-made promos courtesy of Eros International who are presenting the film. About Mehbooba, she says, “The film was completed almost two years ago, but does not look dated at all. All of us, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and the director Afzal Khan have worked really hard on it.”

She may not be around much, but Mehbooba will certainly be a treat for fans. If she’s reading…Manisha, we miss you!

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