Who’s Hot Who’s Not: GQ Awards 2012 – The Ladies!

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Written by Meera Sharma & Prathna Tiwari

The GQ Men Of the Year Awards 2012 took place over the weekend in Mumbai and as expected, the stylish event was a starry affair. We of course had our eyes on the fashion to see which stars dressed to impress. You’ve already heard Meera’s thoughts on the men on the red carpet, now its the ladies who are under the spotlight!

Two of our fashion correspondents decide to dissect the fashion the ladies on the red carpet opted for on the night. Read on to find out if Meera and Prathna agree on who’s hot, and who was not!

Meera: Deepika Padukone looks ravishing in red in a Gaurav Gupta couture gown. Everything about her look from her hairstyle to her statement red lips works for the actress. I do like that she has opted for minimal, if no, jewellery that allows the gorgeous gown to do the talking.

Prathna: Deepika went all out with her look in her Gaurav Gupta gown. She pulls off the gown well and the makeup. The hair may be a ‘love it or hate it’ scenario. Personally I would have loved to see her in another do but you may think otherwise.

Verdict – Meera – Deepika Padukone is HOT!

Verdict – Prathna – Quite hot.


Meera: Nargis Fakhri opted for a figure hugging Roberto Cavalli and works this look well. I love her statement necklace and wavy hair, which adds an air of softness to her look.

Prathna: Not quite sure what is happening with Ms Fakhri’s gown or hair. Her non-existent curves whilst an asset normally let her down for this outfit which seemed to just be dumped to the ground rather than falling elegantly to the floor.  Add to that ‘that’ hair was just a disaster no matter what the outfit.

Verdict – Meera – Nargis Fakhri is HOT!

Verdict – Prathna – Not Hot


Meera: Jacqueline Fernandez opted for an all black gown. I am not a fan of the gown which to me looks messy. Jacqueline however carries of the gown and I do like her simple hairstyle which she works well.

Prathna: One to always give us a striking appearance Jacqueline’s latest outing was no different. The Amit GT gown worked for her and how! I don’t mind the hair and makeup either but am curious to see how it would turn out with a bit of colour on her lips. Nevertheless she looks stunning

Verdict – Meera – Jacqueline Fernandez looks Hot but her gown is Not!

Verdict – Prathna – Hot!


Meera: I am not a fan of Kalki Koechlin’s Gaurav Gupta couture gown it looks awful on Kalki and does nothing for her. Kalki’s decision to opt for simple hair and makeup was a bad one as to be honest it looks like she could not be bothered. Kalki should have opted for statement lips and soft curls.

Prathna:  Another Gaurav Gupta sighting on the red carpet courtesy of Ms Koechlin but unlike Deepika’s look this one wasn’t quite as flawless. The colour just seemed to look too washed out on Kalki. The lack of any dark tones in her makeup is probably what is to be blamed for the washed out look.

Verdict – Meera – Kalki Koechlin is Not Hot!

Verdict – Prathna – Agreed!


Meera: Evelyn Sharma looks pretty in her unusual gown (you have to check out the surprising back). She works this sexy look well and I do like her simple yet effective hairstyle. A bit of eye makeup would have added to the sex appeal of this dress.

Prathna: It was a very Audrey Hepburn inspired look for newcomer Ms Sharma on the night and she pulled it off quite well! Loving the gown, the hair and the minimal accessorising.

Verdict – Meera & Prathna – Evelyn Sharma is HOT!


Meera: Konkona Sen Sharma opted for a sari for the GQ Awards and looked great. I do like the simplicity of the sari that works well with the fun blouse. As for hair and makeup Konkona opted for a natural look, which works well on the actress. Not a fan of the boring red clutch though it looks a tad bit cheap.

Prathna: Nothing looks quite as sizzling on the red carpet than a woman comfortable in her skin and in her choices and Konkona is always that. Opting for a simple traditional saree over a fancy designer gown or saree was possibly the best way to stand out of the crowd and look amazing! Although it is her style mantra, its not one I want her to change until she wants to do so herself.

Verdict – Meera – Ignore the clutch bag and Konkona Sen Sharma is HOT!

Verdict – Prathna – Very Hot


Meera: Shazahn Padamsee looks nice but her dress is awful. The light blue colour does nothing for her and the fabric looks cheap and is not flattering. The dress could have done without the tacky stripy detail. Not a fan of the clutch bag either which looks cheap too!

Prathna: Very unsure of what exactly the Housefull 2 star was wearing but whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t working for Shazahn.

Verdict – Meera & Prathna – Shazahn Padamsee is Not Hot!


Meera: Jiah Khan looks nice, I like her trendy hairstyle (the up do bun is on trend at the moment) but her gown does nothing for her. Jiah has quite a small frame and would have benefited from wearing a cocktail dress rather than a maxi dress as it swamps her frame and is not flattering. Lace is trendy at the moment but this style looks a tad cheap.

Prathna: Jiah perhaps couldn’t have opted for a more unflattering gown. Not sure if its just me but the shape of that dress just not working for Ms Khan’s figure.

Verdict – Meera – Jiah Khan’s gown is Not Hot!

Verdict – Prathna – Not Hot.


Meera: Dia Mirza stayed away from western attire and dazzled in this Anita Dongre sari. Dia looks lovely. I do like her statement earrings and matching clutch that allows the fun sari to do the talking!

Prathna: Keeping it simple and classy as always was Dia Mirza in her favourite designer, Anita Dongre. Although the clutch was an eyesore, it wasn’t so bad of a choice to ruin the look completely because she did look darn flawless!

Verdict – Meera & Prathna – Dia Mirza is HOT!


Not sure what Kajol was thinking when she decided to wear this unflattering and hideous dress. Shame because Kajol looks pretty but I cannot take my eyes of the tacky dress that does nothing for the actress. Kajol should have opted for Indian attire.

Verdict – Meera – Kajol is Not Hot!

Verdict – Prathna –  Yes so Not Hot!


Vidya Balan knows what works for her and keeps to it, which is not a bad thing. I do like this sari and Vidya looks lovely. Her simple tied back hairstyle and minimal jewellery allows Vidya’s natural beauty to shine!

Verdict – Meera – Vidya Balan is HOT!

Verdict – Prathna – Not Hot


Meera: Amrita Puri looks stunning, I love curled hair it is so trendy and she carries off this look well. Love the red lipstick. Not so much a fan of this black dress but Amrita works it well.

Prathna: Aisha star Amrita Puri opted for a Komal Sood black lace corset and wrap gown which although a bold choice didn’t do much for the pretty lady. The heels and the makeup didn’t help either.

Verdict – Meera – Amrita Puri is HOT!

Verdict – Prathna – Amrita Puri is Not Hot.


Meera: Is it only me or does Esha Gupta look a bit like Catherine Zeta Jones in this shot? She looks equally as stunning and works this Chicago esq look well.

Prathna: It’s a pity when a brave choice goes horribly wrong and it did so with Esha and her makeup up for the evening. If only she’d kept those tones far more lighter. What a shame because the dress isn’t all that bad.

Verdict – Meera – Esha Gupta is HOT!

Verdict – Prathna – Esha Gupta is Not Hot


Meera: What was Hazel Keech thinking when she stepped out in this clown style outfit. I know Hazel is trying to make a fashion statement but the only statement she is making is a bad one! Hazel looks like she is going to a badly dressed costume party rather than the GQ style awards!

Prathna: Not quite sure if Ms Keech could have saved that outfit. The Adarsh Gill gown just wasn’t the right choice. Surprisingly, neck up she did look great!

Verdict – Meera & Prathna agree – Hazel Keech is Not Hot!


Meera: Sagarika Ghatke looks nice but her outfit is not right. It literally looks like Sagarika forgot about the GQ awards, and ended up wrapping some satin fabric around her gym clothes.

Prathna: Not always a fan of the Chak De star’s fashion choices but she works that gown well! I love the semi-formal, semi-casual feel to it and the carefree styling helped in keeping the aura of the outfit in tact.

Verdict – Meera – Sagarika Ghatke looks nice but her outfit is Not Hot!

Verdict – Prathna – Sagarika Ghatke is Hot


Meera: Sarah Jane Dias looks nice and I do like her statement hairpiece. She carries off this simple figure-hugging gown off well too.

Prathna: It was an AM:PM gown for Sarah on the red carpet. She wore it well and accessorised it brilliantly with her hair accessories.

Verdict – Meera – Sarah Jane Dias is HOT!

Verdict – Prathna – Sarah Jane Dias is Hot


Meera: Shibani Dandekar works her curled locks and red lipstick, which is certainly a trend amongst the ladies at the GQ awards, nicely. I cannot say the same for this dress. The see through fabrics and the tacky print does nothing for Shibani!

Prathna: The gown that Ms Dandekar chose was quite overwhelming in itself add to that a hair do and makeup that demand attention in itself and it all becomes too much to handle. Wish she’d styled down the look as it all ended up being a bit over the top.

Verdict – Meera – Shibani Dandekar is Not Hot!

Verdict – Prathna – We agree again, Shibani Dandekar is Not hot

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