Why we love Bollywood

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There is more than one reason to love Bollywood. If one Bollywood fan or writer attempted to pen down all those possible reasons, they could go on for pages. If the dances and music rock, then so do the controversies and gossip that come with it. Hindi cinema is more than exciting. The BollySpice team consists of great Bollywood fans who not only love to watch its movies but write about it too. So who better to ask to give us some of the reasons why they love Hindi cinema. And interestingly, they came up with a whole range of fabulous excuses to re-watch some of the greats and look forward even better upcoming films that Bollywood will be throwing our way! As for now, read on to see if we as a team, have collectively managed to come up with enough reasons to love the better Wood—Bollywood!

Prathna Loves the Dances
Bollywood takes the form of dance to levels unknown to western society. What performers like Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi have and had in their routines goes beyond the magic of any Broadway musical. Today Bollywood dance is recognized as a reputable form of dance and in fact as an art that is taught at the most acclaimed and prestigious dance institutions across the globe. Our form of dance simply goes with the choreographer’s creativity, composer’s composition and lyricist magic with words. There is no boundaries or labels of ‘Salsa’, ‘Ballet’ or ‘Jazz’ placed on the form of dance the choreographer adopts. In a Bollywood dance piece, you may well find one move inherent to all these forms of dance. Perhaps that is why after the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire concluded and the magical award winning dance number ‘Jai Ho’ began, dedicated to what Bollywood stands for, audience remained glued to their seats to witness what many call the best part of the film!

Rima Loves the Escape
The films are Kitschy, illogical, often defy common sense and yet I love them. Why do I love them? Well, the stories are not cynical. They allow me to escape into a world where I can check my brain at the door (mostly a David Dhawan creation). The films are brimming with the idea of how a perfect world would be; motherhood is revered, everyone is patriotic and true love – well every film is essentially about this. And everyone sings! There is a song for every mood possible and a location. For those few hours I can engross myself by looking at possible fashion trends, pointing out things I want to my other half, singing along (very badly) to songs I know and love, and not doing much else. They are escapism at its best.

Andrew Loves the Humanism
In trying not to state the obvious about Bollywood, I would like to say that one of the things I love most about Mumbai movies are their exploration of the human condition. Whilst Hollywood movies tend to be fairly sterile affairs, full of vacuous special effects, men dressed in spandex, aggression and violence, characters as shallow as a pond in a drought, and plotlines as thin as a supermodel, Bollywood movies are full of characters deep in the mire of uncertainty, split loyalties, inconsistencies, passion, despair, joy and love – just like every human being in fact. Actually, I think it’s that last word that sums it up the most – Bollywood movies recognize the most important thing in the world is “Love” and all the secondary emotions that are linked to that such as forgiveness, kindness, loyalty, trust, care and hope. That’s why I love Bollywood – because it’s human.

Sheetal Loves the Musicals
At this year’s Oscars, its host, Hugh Jackman, proudly exclaimed, ‘The musical is back!’ Well, no offense to Mr. Jackman, it is musical season everyday in Bollywood. Song and dance is as inherent to Bollywood as DNA to humans and like DNA, it is what sets Indian Cinema apart from its overseas counterparts. While the odd song-less film has its merits, a Bollywood musical with energetic vocals, vibrating musical arrangements, colorful costumes, sweeping set designs, breathtaking locales and intricately synchronized dance steps makes Bollywood a unique and memorable cinema experience. This is why I love Bollywood.

Roshni Loves the Fantasy
What’s not to love? Bollywood provides me an escape from the real mundane life into one that is simply fantastical. Where else in the world will you witness good looking Desi men and women dancing, in fashionable clothes, on the streets? It happens only in Bollywood. They make us laugh and cry, think and scratch our heads, sing and curse—but they do it in style. Strangely, Bollywood plays an integral part of my childhood. My oldest and fondest memories include sitting cross-legged in front of the television watching eighties Desi movies. Courtesy of Bollywood, its gossip and news, I managed to gain myself the title of “Walking-Talking Stardust” and additionally, can kick some serious butt in a game of Antarkshari. Bollywood gives me unrealistic expectations which ultimately give me hope—the ideal man, wedding, family and life. Hindi cinema connects me to my roots and my country which I miss ever so much. For me, Bollywood runs through my blood and veins.

Stacey Loves Everything
When I came up for the idea for this feature, I, like many of my esteemed colleagues, thought that trying to write the reasons for Why I Love Bollywood in one paragraph seemed impossible. However, they have done it so, so must I. I just love Bollywood full stop. I love the stories that have made me laugh, made me cry and made me fall in love. I love the tradition that is inherent in some films and the modernness of some of the others. I love the beauty of the films be it the costumes, the scenery and the sets. I love that half way through a film I love it so much that I am ready to watch it again even if it is 4 hours! Being a former ballet dancer, I really love the dancing, both in the classical forms, the modern take and the fusion of the two. The incredible choreography and the amazing talent and skill of both the backup dancers and the stars is one of my favorite things. I love the music, not only the fact that the films have the song sequences but I love the music – my iTunes is almost all Hindi film soundtracks and with each new release I get to add even more! I love the incredible performances I have seen by some of the best actors and actresses in the world and I look forward to the many more to come. I love that when people ask me ‘Who is your favorite?’ be it films, actors or actresses, and I cannot list them all because I have way too many favorites! On a more personal note I love that it has introduced me to a whole new world, that through it I have made life long friends, am learning a new language and that I get to write about the industry I love so much, review the music and actually have interview some of the stars of Bollywood is completely mind blowing to me!

To sum it all up and stop us from going on and on – To us Bollywood films are the perfect cinematic experience – the magic they have includes the rocking and beautiful music performed by exceptional singers, the outstanding dancing and choreography, the marvelous scenery and gorgeous costumes, the amazing scripts, the brilliant directors, the fact that not only are the actors and actresses incredibly talented, it also does not hurt that they are so hot, they allow us to be in the fantasy and escape, and most importantly they show us love! In case you have not guessed we Sachi Pyaar everything about the films!

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