Will Kangana and Adhyayan take the strain?

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No one has shown more concern for his son’s choice of partner than Adhyayan Suman’s father, Shekhar. “My son is happy and that makes me happy,” he says but goes on to qualify it with, “But when a young boy goes out with someone who is not only elder but also senior, things can be misinterpreted.” This was followed up with some words of caution, “I had told him not to let it take him away from his work as this is the time to concentrate on his career and that is much more important than his love life and to see to it that he never visited her on the sets.” A bit difficult that last one when they’re both starring in the same movie together.

But Kangana Ranaut, the other half of the equation, has downplayed any suggestion of friction, quoting Adhyayan as saying his father had been misinterpreted by the media. She also makes it clear that she’s not the kind of girl to push herself into someone else’s life: “Adhyayan has told me that his father has been misquoted by the media and I have taken his word,” she confirms, “Adhyayan’s and my relationship is at an initial stage. His parents know that I’m in his life, but they do realise that we have to go a long way before we decide to settle down.”

Kangana and Adhyayan’s movie, Raaz – The Mystery Continues appears to be a hit with 35 crores already in the bank. “We never had the success of Raaz in our minds while making the film,” explains Kangana, “This film has succeeded due to the individual efforts of everybody in the film.” Kangana’s fans are already looking forward to her next movie release, Kites, with Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori.

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