Will the real Katrina Kaif please stand up!

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Someone has been impersonating Katrina Kaif on Facebook and is even going as far an accepting interviews with various journalists. In fact, it happened to this very journalist! One of our writers contacted “Katrina Kaif” on Facebook and asked her for an interview. A day later, we received an email from katrinakaif84@hotmail.com agreeing to the interview.

At first, we were very excited but upon looking closer, the email made us suspicious. We decided we should contact the real Katrina Kaif directly to ascertain if it was indeed her. I got in touch with Dale Bhagwagar, a public relations specialist who gave me her contact information. I told her we had contacted her through Facebook and asked if she had agreed to do an interview with BollySpice.com. Her response was that she had never been on Facebook. It seems that Katrina had no idea about this and it wasn’t until we contacted her that she was aware of this fake profile that has been pretending to be her.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t only happened to us. The impersonator is so bold that Katrina’s manager and spokesperson has been inundated with calls from others saying she contacted them as well. Katrina has now put out a statment saying, “I hereby clarify that I have no e-mail id which reads katrinakaif84@hotmail.com. There are some facebook accounts bearing my name but I don’t have a facebook account either.”

The moral of the story is… beware! Before adding stars on Facebook, make sure you know it’s the real one. Thankfully, one of many Katrina impostors has been busted!

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