With Shaandaar Vikas Bahl’s looks at insomnia in a new way

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15oct_Neend-ShaandaarSong01Hitting the big screen on October 22nd is the highly anticipated Shaandaar starring the super cute couple of Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor aka Shaalia to the fans. Now as you probably know both characters in the film suffer from insomnia but what you may not know is that director Vikas Bahl has taken alternative approach to insomnia in Shaandaar.

“Our approach towards insomnia in the film is different, the character of Shahid is scared of ghosts while Alia’s character thinks night is the best time,” he explains.

The funny thing is that in real life that is just opposite for the stars, “In the movie, Shahid is scared of night and darkness while I am not. In real life, it is exactly the opposite,” Alia said at a recent promotional event.

At the recent launch of the song ‘Neend Na Mujhko Aaye’ Shahid said, “In the film a girl and boy, who have insomnia, are meeting because of that, they are spending time together, talking and having good moments. There is no film be it in Hindi or English ever made on this. I think it is a cool idea to depict the issue.”

He also revealed that he actually does suffer from insomnia, “May be four-five years back people wouldn’t know what is insomnia but today it is a major issue. I am an insomniac. I have friends who are insomniacs so we hang out together. We work so much throughout the day that it takes time for us to feel sleepy. I like going out on drives at night when not sleepy. I listen to music on my laptop and also watch a lot of films.”

Stay tuned we have a fabulous interview with Alia about Shaandaar!

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