Woh Lamhe

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Woh Lamhe, is one of the most anticipated movies of the year as one of Bollywood’s youngest directors, Mohit Suri, brings the real life love story of actress Parveen Babi and director/producer Mahesh Bhatt to the big screen. The movie stars Kangana Ranaut and Shiney Ahuja who were last seen in one of the years hit movie, Gangster. After giving great music in Gangster, Pritam returns with Woh Lamhe and he does not fail to please his fans. From the lyricist front, Sayeed Quadri gives us some soulful and moving lyrics that outshine every song.

The album starts off in great note with, Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai, a romantic and lively song that’s sure to be one of the year’s best. The song is tailor made for none other than KK and he shines through and through. KK’s haunting voice is the perfect little touch for this piece. After hearing such a beautiful track, it takes great displeasure to say that the track is an exact copy of a very popular Indonesian song, Tak Bisakah by the group Peterpan. Taking inspiration from songs hasn’t left the Bhatts’ movies yet but it would be for their own good to credit the original composer of the song. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Chal Chale brings back the singer James who gave us the hit song Bheegi Bheegi from Gangster earlier this year and won our hearts. He holds his place in the song with his strong voice. James is one of those singers who puts their heart and soul in every song they sing and brings more magic to the piece. The song is very rhythmic with some amazingly sweet lyrics by Sayeed Quadri.

Now comes one of the most moving tracks in the album, Tu Jo Nahin, sung by a new talent, Glenn John. The song is originally from the movie Sawera and was sung S.B. John. Years later his son recreates his father’s song hoping to create the same magic and the result is truly magical. It’s a great shame that no credit whatsoever has been given to the original composer. It is immensely refreshing to hear such a soothing and tender voice after quite some time. The song gives you a nostalgia feel that has been missing in today’s contemporary music. Besides Glenn’s singing, the lyrics are equally moving. When in need of sugary sweet and heart-warming lyrics, one can definitely count on Mr. Quadri; his lyrics complete this musical masterpiece.

“Mujhe phir tabaah kar. Mujhe phir rulaaja. Sitam karne waali, kahin se tu aaja. Aankhon mein teri surat basi hai. Teri hi tarah, tera gham bhi haseen hai.”

The album now takes a break from Pritam and introduces two version of the song, So Jaon Mein, composed by Roop Kumar Rathod and lyrics by Shakeel Aazmi. The female version is sung beautiful by Shreya Ghoshal and male version is sung melodiously by Kunal Ganjawala. However, regardless of the first-rate singing this song turns out to be an obstacle to a thus far consistent album. The melody begins to bore you after awhile and the lyrics ruins the already set mood by Sayeed Quadri’s lines. Each version of the song is 6-minutes in length and it really tests one’s patience.

Closing the album beautiful we have, Bin Tere, sung by the very popular Pakistani artist, Jawad Ahmad. This song was originally composed, written and sung by Jawad Ahmad but as seen before Pritam has also re-created this piece, without any credit mind you. Sayeed Quadri adds a stanza to Jawad’s song and it’s quite beautiful. Jawad’s authentic voice highlighted by the acoustic music is very pleasing.

This album is a sure fire success for the Bhatts’ and Pritam as they give us another hit this year after Gangster. Pritam brings together music and melodies from various different sources and recreates them beautiful; however, it would have added to their success if the original composers were credited. In the recent years, Bollywood music has somewhat drifted from the tuneful and touching pieces and have been overcome by various remixes, meaningless lyrics and unoriginality but as we are pleasantly welcomed by albums such as Woh Lamhe it seems that the true meaning of music is re-emerging.

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