Woodstock Villa

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Woodstock Villa is the debut film for Sikander Kher, son of Anupam and Kirron Kher, as well as for Neha Oberoi as a leading lady. The thriller was directed by Hansal Mehta and scripted by Sanjay Gupta. The album, that includes work by Anu Malik, The Aryans, Mika, and even a song composed by singer Shibani Kashyap is cohesive, although each song could stand alone as well. Not your typical soundtrack, it stands out in its freshness and the quality of the work of the artists. Excellent music accompanies the singers, whose individual qualities correspond perfectly with their tracks.

Dhoka is haunting throughout, but especially the beginning. It is sung by the outstanding Anchal Datta Bhatia and is a song made for her voice. Anchal sings with a very a strong and rough inflection that lifts the song from the realm of the ordinary. The suspenseful feel is enhanced by the fantastic music and it all seems to be going towards some climax. I do wish the flute was one octave lower but that is just being picky. A great track that is just wonderful, musically and vocally! There is also a remix that is a faster version with some really good music added in but I prefer the purer version.

Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag, is a song from Mika’s debut album that was released in 1999, which was a huge hit when it came out. The song still rocks and seems to fit in perfectly on the album, even if it was not composed specifically for the movie. The great Punjabi beat backs up Mika’s marvelous voice on this very fast paced number. Mika’s voice has a gentle quality that is well mixed with the sharp inflections he gives in the quicker parts. His voice really takes it to the next level and the background music is terrific as well. The song gets your feet tapping and your head dancing but it may be a bit too fast to get the whole body grooving.

The remix is very good as well. It shows off Mika’s voice even better than the original. The new beginning is really cool, and this song is so different that it seems to be a new song instead of a remix. Some terrific additions, but I think they used the voice effect a bit to much. A great rendition that many will love better than the original.

Kyun…, performed by the popular rock band The Aryans, is a pure rock song. It is an item number in the film but with a surprising item star: Sanjay Dutt. The lead singer for the band is awesome and I would give the whole song two thumbs up! Not only does it have full on rock sections it also has a lot of different tempos and instruments that come together to make a brilliant song. Some outstanding sections are the rock guitar riff with the percussion and the bass riff just jams. There are some great harmonies as well. To nitpick again, in the first part of the song there are some electronica synthesizer notes that are distracting, but take those out and you have well a rocking good song!

Dhoka Dega has another outstanding singer on a super track. Shibani Kashyap’s gorgeous voice is complimented by music full of many different instruments and tones that work together very well. The refrain with the harmony and the acoustic guitar is incredibly cool.

Composed by Shibani Kashyap, Raakh Ho Ja Tu is another great musical composition in an album full of impressive songs. It has a pop beat with a little jazz and blues thrown in. Not only did Shibani excel at composing, but also at singing the wonderful track. There are sensational harmonies and the whole song is smooth and effortless. It is enjoyable to listen to, and became part of my Bollywood playlist after just one listen.

Koi Chala Ja Rahe Hai is one of the best tracks on the album. It is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and shows off his exceptional voice. It is another track with a haunting feel that lets you know that this is going to be a dark film, a film noir. The musical score is gorgeous and back up yet adds to his incredible singing. There is a brilliant guitar section and the change up to the instrumental is just fantastic. It too went on my bollymix playlist immediately, which is getting very full of Woodstock Villa tracks.

Yeh Pyaar Hai. When I read the title of this song, before I even heard it, I hoped that it was a song that would let me imagine that I was a beautiful heroine in a gorgeous place with the wind blowing through my hair and a handsome hero is singing Yeh Pyaar Hai (this is love) to me . . . ooh sorry I am back now. This song is that song and more. Sung by Anchal Datta Bhatia and Shaan it takes the Bollywood love song a step further with its musical surprises and the absolutely magnificent voices of the two singers. It is a song that is pure joy to listen to and it definitely takes you to my perfect scene. Of course we will have to wait and see what the filmmaker has in store for us but I am very much looking forward to that picturization. I was transported to my fantasy from the first notes and have replayed it several times. Lovely song, and one you will fall in love with!

If Woodstock Villa’s music is anything to go by then the film itself should be a fantastic experience at the theater. I applaud each and every composer, musician and singer, and hope that we hear many more albums of this quality in the future. Definitely recommended!

Our Rating

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