Yet Another Twitter War!

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Twitter has become the most prominent public domain for stars and their likes, to display their dislike for a situation. We had barely gotten over the I Hate Luv Storys Crew ganging up on Shobhaa De when another war has erupted. This time around, it involves two renowned actors and a well-known critic.

Rajeev Masand, the critic in question, came out on Twitter claiming that Akshay Kumar’s current publicity stunt, his visit to a local hospital to visit a sick man just as his film Khatta Meetha. While Akshay maintains his reason for visiting the ailing R.K. Laxman was simply because he is the inspiration behind his character in the film, Masand believes his act was all for publicity. In fact, he believes the actor looked like a “jackass” in the picture that was clicked of the actor and the patient. Coming quickly to Kumar’s defense was none other than Amitabh Bachchan who called out the journalist claiming, “Dear All, I was just turning in for the day when I went to check my account on Twitter and came across a remark by Rajeev Masand, a journalist and prominent anchor for CNN/IBN and one who reviews films every week end. Rajeev Masand calls Akshay Kumar a ‘jackass’, and then they hound and criticize me for writing against the media on my blog?”

Masand was even quicker to respond and call out the senior actor and question why he didn’t call out his own son when he physically abused photographers or when Bachchan’s security “attacked” photographers during Abhishek’s wedding. He additionally added that he was simply “giving his opinion” and “taking a stand” much like many stars in the industry do. He refused to take back his words and added, “But finally, by your own logic, Sir: will your fraternity pull up Akshay for this tasteless gimmick? Or do you think it is innovative too?”

And running to his own defense but his statement came in a long tweet towards Senior Bachchan. He tweeted that his act was nothing but honest and indirectly called Rajeev Masand “cold judge mental hearted.” Kumar added that he was extremely happy with the support he was receiving from Bachchan.

BollySpice will give it to you updates hot off Twitter as we follow this latest combat!

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