YRF says it’s Ranveer NOT versus Ranbir

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Yash Raj Films has issued a very strong statement refuting a story recently reported in the news about Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor. The story insinuated that YRF was developing Ranveer Singh’s career so that he would be a rival to Ranbir Kapoor. Calling the story petty, the banner wrote they take a strong objection to the story. “It is unfortunate that despite our clarification saying that this was not our belief, a senior journalist chose to still carry a very petty story, ‘Ranveer versus Ranbir, says Adi’, in a tabloid from a reputed publication.”

The statement said they did contact the journalist but got no response, “We did send this message out last night in response to a query from the said journalist: “No, that is not our belief at all. Do let us know whose it is. Seems very petty.” Unfortunately, he did not even think it necessary to carry this response from us.”

The banner has nothing but respect for Ranbir Kapoor and hopes to work with him many more times, “YRF has the utmost respect for the talent and achievements of Ranbir Kapoor, a superstar in his own right, who has worked with the banner in his early days and still continues to hold pride of place at YRF. We also really look forward to working with him again. And again.”

Talking of newcomer Ranveer, “Also, in all fairness, Ranveer Singh displayed his talent at an audition and has gone on to prove himself. To suggest that he is a product of the Studio’s vindictiveness, is demeaning to him as well.”

The statement went on to say that it is simple they work with an actor, whoever he may be, if he is right for the project, “We would like to reiterate that YRF has a very simple agenda – launch and work with new talent, when needed and established talent if the script and project so demands. This is not restricted only to actors but to all disciplines of the craft. It is our endeavour to nurture budding talent to achieve and go beyond their potential, while simultaneously respect and acknowledge those who have made their mark, Ranbir Kapoor definitely being one of them. It would be stupid for anyone to believe or suggest that this ethos of YRF is to be a petty minded intention to launch new talent to compete with someone.”

Closing with, “This provocative insinuation, can only be construed as unfortunate, ridiculous and intentionally malicious and YRF takes strong objection to it.”

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