Zeenat all praises for Nikita

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Ask any pretty lady and she’ll tell you that it is not so much about getting compliments, as much as it is about who one gets complimented by. In this case, Nikita Anand has struck gold, with no less a diva than Zeenat Aman herself complimenting Anand on her looks.

According to Zeenat, who stars alongside the newbie in Nileish Malhotra’s Monopoly, Nikita looks ravishing without make-up. In fact, Zeenat, who is an iconic beauty herself, says that she now sees a different side of Nikita when she performs, having seen her natural beauty. Zeenat has even vowed that if she ever makes a film, she shall cast Nikita and give her a no-makeup look.

Nikita, of course, is thrilled by the diva’s appreciation. The two have much in common, both having been former beauty queens who stepped into movies. What’s more! It seems, the two also share an appetite for a super-healthy lifestyle. Says Nikita, “Zeenatji told me that she identifies a lot with my diet and my lifestyle. I’m a confessed health freak, and I don’t miss a single day of gym and my workouts. I feel uneasy if I ever have to skip it. It’s a part of my day-to-day activity and I totally worship my body. Now, to learn that Zeenatji was also like this in her heydays as the industry’s leading diva, makes me feel like I’m on the right path with my regimen.”

Now, with the compliments flowing between the two divas, we can’t help, but see the similarities.

Image Courtesy – Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

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