Zoya talks about ZNMD

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Zoya Akhtar’s newest project since her debut film, Luck By Chance, is making splash with its all star cast. It is the interaction between the six wonderful actors that has everyone on the edge of their cinema seat. Only days away from the July 15th release,  Zoya tells The Times of India just what makes each actor a special part of the team.

Hrithik Roshan was in Luck By Chance, but this time gets to shine in a lead role as Arjun, one of Kabir’s best friends. Abhay has a unique acting style and paired with a former costar, Kalki Koechlin, their chemistry is expected to sizzle. Kat’s on screen smile captues the audience attention, but apparently her set presence is “sets up a very pleasant environment,” Zoya comments. As for Farhan, Zoya finds it easy to work with him and understands his methods.

This film not only feature a hero and a heroine, but an ensemble cast that works off each individuals eclectic backgrounds. “In terms of collective equity, it doesn’t get bigger than this,” says Zoya. “Thanks to these wonderful actors, ZNMD has a different vibe.”

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