3 Idiots Looks Like A Monster Hit

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As the first reviews from preview audiences begin to emerge, it looks like Aamir Khan may have just rescued Bollywood once again from a disastrous year at the box office with 3 Idiots. “The film has a Munnabhai feel and Raju Hirani’s touch, which is simplistic yet very profound,” said one viewer, “The usage of day to day nuances is beautiful, including ‘all iz well’. Good performances by the entire cast, and every character has been etched out well.”

A second customer confirms, “The dialogues and the situations in the movie are what to watch out for. The speech on teacher’s day is hilarious. All the characters are believable and I feel like I have met such people. Cranky professors, pranks, discussions, and the way students do jugaad is quite reminiscent of my own college days.”

Loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone, 3 Idiots is about three engineering students, trapped in the meritocracy of modern India and how one of them, Aamir Khan, teaches them to live life on their own terms. Then he suddenly disappears and the rest of the film is about how the others track him down and find out the cause of his disappearance.

One reviewer highlights the particular contribution made by Boman Irani to the film. “Boman is superb as the vicious head of the institute,” he explained,
“The scenes between Aamir and Boman are extraordinary and it’s a treat to watch these two powerful actors clash on the big screen, without getting overdramatic. Boman’s appearance, mannerisms and dialogue delivery are exemplary.”

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