A Decade of Item Numbers

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Nine months into the year, we’ve had a spat of awesome item numbers so far. Still, none of them can really be considered ‘iconic’ or in the same vein as ‘Kajra Re’ or ‘Beedi’. Right from January, Mallika Sherawat kicked it off with the free-spirited and exuberant Mayya Mayya in Guru. Again, she’s not an amazing dancer she basically just shakes her assets but hey, the girl does it well. I didn’t see too many people complaining! Kareena Kapoor‘s only on-screen appearance this year was in the song It’s Rocking which she did for a friend. Though the film Kya Love Story Hai was pitiful, the saving grace was Kareena’s appearance. Most recently we saw Urmila Matondkar dancing after a long time in RGV Ki Aag. Taking responsibility of the classic hit Mehbooba, this version was quite different. It saw Miss Matondkar gyrating her hips to an update version of the track, composed and choreographed by Ganesh Hegde. Though 2007’s three item numbers have been noteworthy so far, there isn’t one we can really say will make history. Let’s hope there’s more in store for us!

So there you have it, a journey through ten years of electrifying, effervescent and vibrant item numbers that left us pleading for more. And if we weren’t busy begging for more, we were dancing away (or in my case, trying to). One thing is for sure, Bollywood is the only industry where you can find such mesmerizing dances.

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